Highland Nights

Druids Glen, Book Two

The prophecy of the Sinclair sisters continues is this sequel to Highland Mist, and just when you think you have the characters figured all out, Grant throws another surprise your way. Prepare for a magical ride, with a good deal of romance added to the mix!

Although I enjoyed Highland Nights a bit more than the previous novel, Highland Mist, both have their own positives—and negatives.

In this novel, I found the characters (or at least Fiona and Gregor, the main hero and heroine) to have more substance to them, more depth. I enjoyed the light banter between the two of them, Fiona's spirit, along with Gregor's emotionally tortured background. There were still a few flaws in the story, but nothing too big.

However, though I did warm up to the characters this time, the story line itself was still a bit rushed, though not quite as much as with the previous novel. I simply wish Grant had spent more time leading up to the story's climax, building more on Gregor's life before the start of all this. Considering the fact that during the last book, there were times when I wondered if he was actually on the bad side, only pretending to be loyal to Laird Conall, it's as if that never happened when Highland Nights begins. It simply seems a bit too convenient of a story fix to me, and I would have liked to have seen more of his side of the story, why he played for a bit of both sides before, et cetera.

3.5 STARS! Highland Nights managed to grab my attention, and now I look forward to the last novel, Highland Dawn, to see how Moira, the oldest of the sisters, fairs with her fated mate. An enjoyable novel, and quick to read, this is a good choice if you, too, are a hussy for all things Scotland in your romance novels. The romance between Fiona and Gregor is sweet at times, hot during others, and watching the two of them struggle to realize their love for one another was touching.  All in all, a wonderful novel by an author that has captured my attention!

Book Blurb for Highland Nights

A mercenary haunted by his sinister past… Gregor MacLachlan has much to hide. Not only has he made a name for himself as a man with a sword for hire, but no one knows his true identity as that of the laird of MacLachlan’s son. Banished from his home, Gregor has been content with his life, never relying on anyone or anything—until Fiona.

A powerful Druid priestess… Fiona Sinclair depends on one person—herself. She learned early on that she was alone in this world, a world that took her sisters and her parents. Yet the call to Druids Glen is strong, and the man responsible for her parents’ death stalks her. There is only one man who can get her safely to the glen, but can she afford the price Gregor asks when it means giving up both her freedom…and her heart?

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 3.50