The Forever Christmas Tree

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The Forever Christmas Tree

A Bell Sound Novel

Get ready to laugh your way into Christmas! "The Forever Christmas Tree" is an absolutely wonderful Christmas story full of fun and laughter. Ms. Hill brings characters from her various series into play with this romantic story. What is even better is you don’t have to be a fan to thoroughly enjoy this book.

Besides humor there are some serious things going on like a dying town, seniors with no place to go and cheating on a girlfriend. While each of these issues and others are dealt with, there are no preachy sermons going on.

Wendy is a strong female character who has strong opinions. Ethan is a loving father but he yearns for what he lost. Each is a character with depth and fun to read about. Christmas is indeed magical and that magic is present in this book.

The Story: Wendy joined the Navy after her long time boyfriend cheated on her. She seldom returns home and then only for a short time. This time though she is heading home for Christmas and to find out if the rumors she’s heard about her aunt are true. Without thinking she invites her friends to join her. Never did she expect to find what she does! Ethan made a big mistake losing him the girl of his dreams. He thought they could figure out what to do together but that didn’t happen. Now, she is back in town and he is doing his best not to deal with her. It’s a small town though. Will it work?

Book Blurb for The Forever Christmas Tree

The Christmas bells are chiming across the Outer Banks town of Bell Cove, North Carolina, but there’s one local ‘grinch’ who’s not listening . . .

He’s got bad-boy looks and a Bah Humbug attitude, so when the local paper asks the villagers to vote on the “Biggest Local Grinch” as a fund-raising project, Ethan Rutledge isn’t surprised to hear he’s made the ballot. He might own the local Christmas Tree Farm, but the holiday hasn’t been welcome in his home since Wendy Patterson left him heart-broken twelve years ago.

But now Wendy’s back, fresh from a tour of duty as a female Navy SEAL. She’s bold, beautiful, and has five Navy buddies trailing after her—as if she needs a bodyguard! And what’s all this about them wanting to start a treasure hunting company right here in Bell Cove’s failing bell factory? Then Wendy learns about how Ethan’s been nurturing the one thing he has to remember her by: a gorgeous Norway Spruce tree.

Can the magic of Christmas and the spirit of the town help rekindle the romance between two people who thought they’d left love behind years ago?

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 5.00