The Colonel's Daughter

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The Colonel's Daughter

Men of the Zodiac

Get ready to jump right into adventure with a hot ex-military guy posing as a bouncer when he’s actually a body guard. The woman he’s guarding happens to be a retired officer who saved his life. Ivy is a cute, sheltered young woman who is out to have a bit of fun and get rid of her virginity. Not much adventure there, but when Ivy witnesses a drug killing and she recognizes the killer, suddenly things get hot quickly. Okay, the sex doesn’t get really hot until later but it’s not from lack of trying on Ivy’s part. I loved it. Ivy has a hot temper which she doesn’t mind showing every now and then. Seth has one too. Hidden identities and misunderstandings really heat things up as the attraction between the two is about to ignite. And, don’t forget dear old dad who doesn’t want anything to happen to his little girl. He’s definitely in the picture a lot more than Ivy would like. Fun, sexy and totally entertaining. I loved this book.

This book is part of a series concerning the astrological signs. This one is Scorpio and the characters definitely reflect that sign, even if the sign itself is not really brought up. Ivy is the daughter of a retired Colonel who likes to keep a close eye on her. She’s taken the summer off to explore Australia with her best friend. What Ivy doesn’t know is her father pulled in a favor and hired Seth Rodrigo to watch over her. They’ve been attracted to each other all summer but Seth is not going to act on it. That would be unprofessional. However, Ivy doesn’t want to take no for an answer.

Book Blurb for The Colonel's Daughter

Sign: Scorpio

The sting of this Scorpio is unforgettably hot...

Ivy Danforth is out from under her Colonel father's overprotective control, and she's making it count. Big time. She's taken the summer off to travel through Australia with her bestie and experiencing all that life has to offer-when you're not under constant military surveillance. She wants to end her summer with some sexy fun, and she has just the hottie in mind.

Seth Rodrigo is ex-Special Forces working undercover and keeping an eye on Ivy as a special favor to her father. All he has to do is not give the game away and reveal who he really is. And especially not give into the hunger that's burning through his careful control...

Then they're forced into protective custody. Alone. Together. For four days. And this time, the Colonel's daughter isn't taking no for an answer...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2015 4.50