Steal the Sun

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Steal the Sun

A Thieves Novel, #4

This is the continuation of a fantastic paranormal series that has some great unique twists. In this episode, Zoey (a human) and her two husbands, Devinshea (a mortal and a faery prince) and Daniel ( a vampire) travel to Faery to visit Dev’s mother, the Queen of Faery. Zoey is also trying to steal the Blood Stone to save Daniel’s life. That by itself would give you a good story but this story is so much more than a good story. There is intrigue at the Court, a death plot, treason and a fight that may tear apart this triad for good. While there is a lot going on giving this plot multi-layers and terrific complexity, it isn’t confusing at all. In fact, you can probably read and enjoy this story without having read the previous stories, but you’ll want to read them because this series is just that good. Anyway, back to this book. I absolutely loved the many twists in this story and the unexpected surprises. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put this book down. It is fast-paced and kept me glued to the page. When I finished, I was ready for more. I can’t wait until the next book. Zoey, Dev and Daniel make a great triad and don’t do anything the easy way. Each is a strong character and stands well by themselves and together they make an unbreakable team. Now, just so you don’t think this is all action and no romance, let me set your mind at ease. Not only is there romance but there is sex as well. Both are done with mastery. So, get ready to immerse yourself into a world of magic.

Zoey, Dev and Daniel agree to visit Faery even though Dev’s twin brother seems to have plans he’s not willing to share with all of the triad. Zoey is sure her men will keep her safe regardless of what Dev's twin does. However, they haven’t even been in Faery a day when someone tries to kill Zoey! This starts off a search into who and why. Things don’t get any better once they get to the castle and Zoey is put in a separate part away from Dev. What is going on? Zoey is going to find out and she’s willing to kick some butt! Faery women may be sneaky but Zoey knows how to deal with anyone who is after one of her men. Dev is getting pulled into court politics and drama while Daniel seems to be just watching. Soon though, their world will be shattered and their relationships tested. Will they leave Faery together or will this be the end of their unique relationship?

Book Blurb for Steal the Sun

Zoey thought she would never have to choose, but to save one husband, she will have to betray the other…

As Zoey Donovan-Quinn first sets foot in the faery homeland of her beloved Devinshea, life is perfect. Her enemy is defeated, her heart is full, and Neil and Sarah are at her side. Daniel and Dev are happy, so their visit to the sithein should be a pleasant honeymoon full of wonder and joy. Well, except for the part where Zoey needs to steal an ancient gem from the Queen of Faery in order to prevent Louis Marini from killing Daniel.

Reunited with her whole crew, stealing the magical artifact should be relatively easy, but unknown to Zoey, Dev, and Daniel, there are dark forces gathering against them. As her search for the Blood Stone gets underway, Zoey makes a startling discovery that will change her life, and Dev and Daniel’s forever.

When her new enemy finally strikes at Zoey from the shadows, her newfound happiness is shattered, and to avenge the horrific attack, Dev prepares his mother’s kingdom for war. Recovering from the attempt on her life, Zoey and Daniel desperately search for the stone and in the process unmask the real monster behind the assault.

Stopping the real threat, and saving Daniel, will force Zoey to choose sides in an epic war between the Seelie and Unseelie Fae, even if it means betraying Dev and his people.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2014 5.00