Racked and Stacked

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Racked and Stacked

Blacktop Cowboys Novel

"Racked and Stacked" has to be one of the best books Ms. James has written which says a lot as she writes outstanding stories. This story brought so many elements together including two people who didn’t think they liked each other. Riss tells you how it is. Her oldest brother took over raising her family of three boys and Riss. Ike knows he has to be strong but things overwhelm him and he isn’t sure how to fix them. Ike raised his younger sisters. These are two very strong willed characters that were extremely easy to identify with and quickly love. The secondary characters were a mixture of well known characters within this series and a few new ones. Each were well developed and had a role in the story. No characters just to be standing around. But, I was most amazed on how well the descriptions of the land were. It was as if I were in the truck with Riss and Ike. And, the details of driving the truck and everything involved was more than I could imagine. This is a must read story. If you’ve never read Ms. James, this book will have you falling in love with her stories. It truly is one of her best.

The Story: Riss knows that her stubborn pride and ability to hang with the guys doesn’t make her well liked by everyone, especially Ike Palmer. But, she figures he’ll just have to get over himself. She also doesn’t see why she shouldn’t enjoy sex. Guys can so why can’t women. Ike just doesn’t understand Riss. She seems to have no feminine characteristics at all. But, as he’s the best man at the same wedding she’s maid of honor, they knew they had to call a truce. They have a common goal, get their friends married and make it through the reception. But, being nice to each other and working together seems to sparked an unexpected and some what unwanted attraction. Neither are sure where this is going to go and both have different ideas on how to get there. Can they stay civil long enough to become friends?

Book Blurb for Racked and Stacked

Opposites don't just attract in the West--they sizzle--and Wyoming has never been hotter than in the latest sexy Blacktop Cowboys® novel.

Growing up with three older brothers, Larissa "Riss" Thorpe defines the term tomboy--a moniker that never mattered to her until she crossed paths with sexy cowboy player Ike Palmer. Seeing him in action on the road, Riss can tell that Ike prefers his women soft-spoken and feminine. And since Riss is obviously not his type, it's unlikely that they'll mix business and pleasure when they're in close quarters together.

Former cattle broker Ike Palmer was ready for a new chapter in his life as a stock contractor when he started working with Riss, a sassy truck driver who gets under his skin at every turn. But Riss is unlike any woman he's ever met and her candor inflames him in the most unexpected ways.

After circumstances force a truce between them, Riss and Ike will have to choose to maintain the stubbornness that keeps them apart or take a chance on the fiery attraction that could lead to something more...

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2018 5.00