Thalia and Jessica are sisters and the daughters of the king and queen of the fey court. They have no desire to rule so get the shock of their lives when they get up to no servants, encroaching magical spells and a note from their parents informing them that they need to take over. After a great deal of discussion and debate, the girls decide that they would each look for their soul mate. Whoever found theirs first would get to spend time with their new husband while the other would rule.
Jessica, following a magical pendant, found herself on a train heading to Wales. Along the way, a group of rowdy men get on the train after being followed by the media. One of the men, whom the other refer to as His Lordship, definitely draws Jessica’s interest. Checking her pendant, it seems this man is who she is looking for.
It didn’t matter how often Trevor told his teammates not to call him His Lordship, they never listened. He was the star of the team but, still, he wasn’t royalty or anything. Still, if that caught the interest of the lovely bird on the train, he’s not complaining. After making her acquaintance, he offers her a place to stay at the manor. 
Jessica takes Trevor up on his offer expecting to stay at the manor house. She needs to get to know him and have him fall in love with her. If staying at the quaint little house will do that, then that’s what Jessica will do. She has no plans on ruling the fey and all the plans in the world on marrying Trevor!
This is a quick, short story about Jessica’s side of this quest. I’m sure there must be one also written for Thalia’s quest but it is not included in this short story. There is an end to the who is going to rule quest at the end of this story so even without reading about Thalia’s adventures, you get to know the end result.
Perhaps because this story is so short, around 40 pages, there is more sex than meat to the story. That’s not to say that there is no story, just to say that many things are glossed over or made very short work of so that the sexual part of Jessica and Trevor’s attraction to each other is explored.
There is also some very pleasant bits of humor spread out through the story. There is a reason that Jessica is put in the small house and not the ones that she’s thinking of! Trevor’s mates have no problems opening locked doors, even without keys, which can make for some very embarrassing situations for Jessica. 
Though I felt this story was lacking in some areas such as depth, overall I found it to be a wonderfully quirky fairytale. I always love touches of humor in stories and this one does it really well. I also like heroines who know what they want and go after it. Again, Jessica does this without using magic and does a great job of it.
Quick, likeable characters, great sex and a happy ending. It’s a fairytale for adults.

Book Blurb for Peerless

Two sisters, one crown and a race to find true love… Or suffer the consequences. *Shudder* The Queendom.

Jessica does not want to become Queen. The gowns look marvelous on her, and the servants are lovely, but being Queen? Ick. She’d have to remember to take care of…things, and…other things. Seriously, ruling Fae—with its temperamental dragons, pixies with attitudes and the creepy enchanted forest that keeps encroaching on the palace—not for her. She’s off to find a rich Peer in England and enjoy the lifestyle without the responsibilities.

Trevor’s got it all—a steady job, adoring fans, a starring position on his football team. Life is good, and the saucy little birdie who lands in his lap makes things even sweeter. Only she don’t seem to understand he’s not the Lord of the Manor. He’ll tell her as soon as they can get their hands off each other long enough to talk. He’s never felt this way before about a bit o’ fluff. Could it even be love?

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 4.00