MacBrun, Bearly a Nip

MacBrun, #1

This is a great first book in a series and you can easily see many directions that it can go. This story is well paced and gives lots of background on the MacBrun clan. They aren’t exactly your typical Scots. They change into bears. The why and how come out in this story which is an interesting story in and of itself. The main characters come across as well rounded. It’s especially nice that they aren’t young adults but more mature and Mac actually has some chest hair. Andi is hard-headed and opinionated. She may not know about the world she has just be introduced to but she’s willing to take it on. This story did not take long to read but left me wanting more. I really enjoyed this story and think anyone who like paranormal should give it a try.

Andi is heading to the mountains to scatter her mother's ashes. She isn’t an outdoor girl and hopes to have this task quickly done. What she definitely wasn’t expecting was a boulder knocking her car off the road and being rescued by a bear! The ranger, Mac, keeps telling her it couldn’t have been a bear that rescued her and bit her. But, Andi knows it was. Mac does too but he didn’t mean to bit her. He’s got a big problem and he’s not sure how to deal with it.

Book Blurb for MacBrun, Bearly a Nip

Never get between a bear and his honey!

Mac is a lonely park ranger resigned to the fact there are no available female bear shifters in Bear Clan MacBrun to claim as a mate. But his long-frustrated inner bear refuses to take no for an answer and makes a solo decision to claim its heart’s desire.

A stormy night on a treacherous mountain road sends self-professed “boss-lady” Andi Brunell hurtling over the side of a gorge and into an icy river. Mac rushes to the rescue, but fate places too much temptation in front of him in the form of flirty-eyed, curvalicious Andi. The bear inside knows what’s good for both of them, and during the voluptuous vixen’s rescue, delivers an initiation-stage claim bite.

Oops, it was bearly a nip, but it was enough to set off a chain of life-changing events that flings them both onto an emotional roller coaster. Mac is forced to take Andi back to the ranger station, where she displays all the telltale signs of transforming into a she-bear. Poor Andi has no idea why she’s behaving so strangely, and Mac’s guilty conscience won’t allow him to take advantage of her or come clean about what his bear has done. Trying to be a good guy, Mac battles temptation until his bear pheromones clear from her blood stream. But a long, awkward night of simmering lust, punctuated by string of hilarious situations, leaves both of them questioning their sanity. Once things heat up, the bears come out to play.

Author’s note: this is a happy-for-now ending that will just keep getting happier.

Meet Bear Clan MacBrun. This is the first book of a continuing series of interrelated stories, which does finish in a very happy ending for all characters introduced.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2015 4.50