Love Hack

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Love Hack

The Hackers Book 2

This is the second book in an incredibly fun, nerdy series. (The first book does not need to be read to enjoy and follow this one.) Real life issues like hacking, posting embarrassing photos without permission and dating in the work place are major influences to the plot and make this story feel extremely realistic. The characters come alive as they go from meeting to pushing the boundaries of acceptable work place behavior. Spencer is a computer nerd all the way and sometimes falls out of his comfort zone without trying. Josie gives the impression of an organized sweet innocent but some of that impression is just an act. Together, these two characters are as funny as they are romantic. I am totally enjoying this series and can’t wait to see more. Sexy nerds getting hot non-computer people gives everyone a chance at happiness.

Spencer is so excited about starting his new job with Afire Industries even though his actual position isn’t what he expected. The only problem so far is him not being able to talk around the manager of the section he is assigned to. And, why did he agree to workout at the gym with the head of security? Josie thinks the new guy is cute but she already has enough issues from dating someone from work. She never expected her ex to post naked pictures of her online! She didn’t even know he had them. As time goes on, can Josie keep her hands off Spencer? Can Spencer help Josie with her problem? Will upper management become aware of what is happening?

Book Blurb for Love Hack

Some firewalls are hotter than others...

Security analyst Spencer Weiler is excited when he lands a job at Afire Industries. The responsibility is daunting, but nowhere near as exhilarating as working with Josie Johnson, the pretty program manager in charge. Spencer lusts after her, but knows that she only sees him as a work friend. He needs to make himself over if he's going to have a shot with her.

Josie is all too aware of the cute computer geek watching over her. He was tempting before, but with his newfound muscles and sexy haircut, he's suddenly an irresistible stud. She makes the first move and is stunned to learn that her hot IT guy is just as studious in the sack. Their affair turns hot and heavy, but Josie had broken her rule about dating coworkers once before. It hadn't ended well. When her ex returns and posts scandalous pictures of her on the Internet, it's not Spencer's muscles that she needs. She needs a hacker.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.50