Hot Pursuit

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Hot Pursuit

Bounty Hunter, #6

Loyalties, family ties, love and so much more are strained and put to the test in Hot Pursuit when a couple of bounty hunters end up in a town run by a drug lord as they look for an assassin. Still, love is in the air as both bounty hunters fall in love with women under attack giving the reader two romances for the price of one. Better still, a couple from the previous book plays a big part in this one giving you another glimpse into their happily ever after, though it may not seem so happy. Intense with multiple layers and believable characters make this suspense an excellent story and one you’ll want to read.

Ben Mercy just got his bounty hunter license, with the financial help of a friend, when a well-known bounty hunter, Wolf, comes into KFA looking for Ben’s friend Micah, one of the most wanted men in America. Ben has faith that Micah can stay hidden until he comes home to find his apartment torn apart and the two clues that Ben has concerning Micah's location stolen. Ben jumps on his motorcycle to follow Wolf and to warn Micah. They aren’t even in town more than a couple of hours when Ben takes Zoey on a ride, not knowing Zoey is the daughter of the gangster running and threatening the town. Wolf finds his own woman in Angel, the local bookstore owner. Both men and women find an attraction that they can’t deny but neither are ignoring the fact that they need to find Micah for totally different reasons. Can love survive in what end up to be a war zone?

I not only really like this series but I loved this book. There is so much going on yet it is so easy to follow. None of the characters are slighted and each comes across as unique and interesting. It’s hard to make an assassin loveable but this one comes really close. Don’t expect cookie cutter stories or characters because you won’t find them. What you will find is a solid suspense story with a lot of love and romance.

Book Blurb for Hot Pursuit

Ben Mercy is a man with a past. Trying to start a new life with the KFA—an elite team of professional manhunters—he hopes to prove himself by capturing the most wanted man in America. But Ben isn’t the only bounty hunter on the case. And the trail takes a deadly new turn when he’s thrown by the curves—of a beautiful woman…

Zoey is the daughter of one of the most powerful men in California. A helpless pawn in her father’s plan to merge two casinos through marriage, Zoey’s been warned to stay away from the lowlife bounty hunters who’ve come to town. But when Zoey meets Ben, the attraction is too intense to ignore. And the closer they get, the higher the risk. With millions at stake—and a murderer in hiding—falling in love could be the biggest gamble of all…

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.50