Hold Back the Dark

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Hold Back the Dark

A Bishop/SCU Novel

"Holding Back the Dark" is a contemporary fantasy story that ends up in the country! It starts out kind of strange and I actually had to read the beginning twice to get what was going on but once I did, I found a terrific story. Psychics that are not any type of agent are called and suddenly find themselves the only ones who can save the world. Nothing like a little pressure. But, it’s not just psychics involved. There are regular folks who are suddenly doing abnormal things. Figuring out exactly what is going on, why and how to stop it will have you just as puzzled as the characters. The characters are awesome and diverse. Though many are psychics, their talents, temperaments and abilities greatly vary. I found the story to be very imaginative and interesting. It is part of a series but is enjoyable without having read the previous books. This story is complex and has a lot going on. It’s definitely a thriller.

When powerful psychics start being told to go to Prosperity all at once, it draws the attention of SCU, a paranormal special operations unit. Most of these psychics are untrained and have issues controlling their powers. They are not use to working in a team or trusting others. Now, they will have to learn to do both quickly in order to stop the evil that has shown itself. Can they do it? Will they be able to survive? Not everyone in Prosperity will.

Book Blurb for Hold Back the Dark

A town in the thrall of evil. A summons that can't be ignored. The SCU returns in a nail-biting novel from New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper.

The Chosen have been warned. Powerful psychics across the globe have gotten the same eerie and insistent message: Go to Prosperity. Because in this small North Carolina mountain town, madness has taken hold...

Trapped in a nightmare they can't escape, the residents of Prosperity are killing one another, waking up with no memory of the monstrous acts they've committed--or the reasons why. Chief Deputy Katie Cole knows that whatever evil is afoot is beyond her expertise, and beyond the understanding of Sheriff Jackson Archer. They need help.

The Special Crimes Unit is called in for its specific brand of investigation, to aid the Chosen as well as the once-peaceful mountain town. It will take all the agents' training, all their experience, and every extra sense they can call on to get to the bottom of things in Prosperity. And as a sinister pattern begins to emerge, even the most experienced and hardened SCU agents must brace themselves for a flood of darkness unlike any the world has ever seen...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.00