Hidden Away

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Hidden Away

A KGI Novel

Sarah Daniels felt violated after her boss, Allen Cross raped her with his brother, Stanley helping. Turning to her only relative, half-brother Marcus Lattimer seemed like the right thing to do. After Marcus kills Allen, Sarah’s glad she didn’t tell him about Stanley’s part in the attack. As much as Sarah wanted to hurt Allen, she didn’t want her brother to kill him. Running from this horror seemed logical and besides Sarah wants to protect Marcus.

Marcus Lattimer is a bad man who doesn’t care who he uses to get what he wants. Sarah is probably the only person in the world that he cares about. He’s trying to get Sarah to listen to him and let him handle this problem but she likes to be independent and thinks she can hide on her own.

Garrett Kelly works in his family’s super-elite family-run business, Kelly Group International or KGI. They take on hostage/kidnap victim recovery and intelligence gathering for the US government and private sources. When they are approached by Resnick from the CIA to watch Sarah while they set up a trap for Lattimer, Garrett agrees immediately.

Garrett had a mission go terribly wrong when Lattimer double crossed the US government and Garrett had two of his men killed. He’d love to see Lattimer go down and has his own ideas of how he’d like to trap him. What Garrett doesn’t expect is the attraction he feels towards Sarah. Very quickly Sarah becomes more than a job and he’ll do anything to keep her safe. Can he get her to trust him enough to do it? And what is he going to do when she finds out the truth, that Garrett wants her beloved brother dead?

This is book three in Ms Banks KGI series. These books can be read separately though characters from the previous books show up in the next books. After all, most of the main characters are brothers and do work for KGI. Still, if you just want a great action packed romance and don’t care about the series, this is an excellent choice.

Sarah and Garrett are superb characters. They feel strongly about their families. To them family is everything and their first loyalty is towards that family. Sarah wants to protect Lattimer from what she sees as her forcing him to kill someone for her. However, she has no idea how to hide which Garrett is sure to point out. Garrett will give up his life to keep his family safe and pretty soon Sarah becomes part of those Garrett feels that strongly about.

Several of the secondary characters are awesome. Rusty is a senior in high school that the Kelly mom has adopted. One of her classmates attempts to rape her or at least sexually assault her. She feels violated but feels she has no one to turn to. Her trying to be strong when the world is treating her badly gives her the spunk she needs to endear her to those reading about her. The Kelly brothers would probably have other words to describe her. Rio, one of the men that work’s for KGI, has a lot of hidden depths that are slowly being reveled. His hide away was way different than the shack Garrett was expecting! JP, the only female on one of the KGI teams, comes across hard and tough but in this story you see a crack in her persona. Wonder where that will lead?

Now, this could be a fairly straight forward story with Garrett watching Sarah from one remote site but it’s not. No, this book has chases and captures, bullets and planes, plans and even more plans giving it a fast pace action that dares you to put it down. Things never go exactly to plan meaning a change to the plan or even a whole new plan with more changes coming as situations change, and things can change rapidly. Garrett needs to hide Sarah from Resnick and her brother and some unknown person. Is it even possible with no one getting hurt? Oh yeah, and don’t forget the normal bad guys that roam around Mexico!

Once again Ms Banks has written a winner. This is a perfect book to add to her already awesome collection of work. She is able to bring out the best in her characters and give them an emotion pull. These aren’t characters that you can read about and forget, these are characters that you’re going to want to visit over and over again. Each time, the characters will gain a bit more depth and a bit more interest.

There are a few things left dangling in this story…….a Kelly has been wounded and is in the hospital, Rusty is still figuring out her place with the Kelly’s and there’s a big compound being built. I can’t wait to see where this family is going because I plan on going along with them.

Book Blurb for Hidden Away

A man who shoots first and asks questions later...

Most people would take an all-expenses-paid trip to the beach in a heartbeat. Garrett Kelly only accepts to keep tabs on Sarah Daniels, who's in hiding after witnessing a murder by Marcus Lattimer, her half-brother--and a personal enemy of KGI. This gig may be beneath a disciplined soldier like Garrett, but if he gets a shot at Lattimer, it will all be worth it...

...and the ultimate moving target.

But Garrett hadn't counted on falling for Sarah. He'd considered seduction as a tactical maneuver, but when he glimpses Sarah's dark past, he feels an urgent desire to keep her safe--even after she disappears on him. Garrett doesn't know exactly who, or what, Sarah's running from, but whatever it is, she's running for her life...

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 5.00