Get Lucky

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Get Lucky

Bounty hunter, Marc King had decided to take a month’s vacation at a ski lodge in Colorado. He expects to relax and enjoy his down time. He doesn’t expect to find the hottest woman he’s ever seen checking him in.

London Brooke has worked in Colorado for three years. She’s the daughter of con artists and is enjoying her normal life. She doesn’t fraternize with the customers and seldom goes on dates. She is why she can’t understand why she is so attracted to Marc. He’s made it known that all he wants is fun sex with no ties or commitments. That’s not something London even thinks about!

When a couple of mysterious packages show up with pictures of London’s parents and a threatening note, she wishes she had good friend to confide in. Finally she takes a chance on telling Marc only to discover that his family has been getting similar pictures.

What could be the connection between crooks and bounty hunters? With a growing attraction, Marc and London join forces with Marc’s brother to find out. London’s trust will be stretched to its max as she has to do things she never wanted to do.

This is the second book in Lorie O’Clare’s Bounty Hunters series. You do not need to read the first book to enjoy this one but it does give the plot more depth if you do. The books are loosely tied together but are different enough to stand alone.

The characters were very well done. London has been brought up not to trust anyone and not to expect much from those she cares about. Though Marc tells her he will be back soon, London remembers too many times that her parents made similar statement only to come back days later. Marc has been brought up in a close family who would do anything for each other. There word is their bond. Teaching London about that may take a while.

The dialogs are fantastic. Marc and his brother, Jake tease each other and treat each other with affection. There interactions feel natural through the dialog they have. London and Marc’s dialogs are equally natural. Talk flows with natural bumps but nothing stilted or lame.

The beginning of the book set up Marc and London’s relationship and the situation they will find themselves in. It is a bit slow in parts but as soon as the situation becomes serious, the act picks up and so does the interest factor. At that point, I couldn’t put down the book as I had to see how things were going to play out.

This is an excellent book with a great combination of romance and suspense. There is something going on in the bigger picture that will keep the King family occupied but as we learn what is going on with them, I’m thoroughly enjoying watching them fall in love. The multi-faceted characters make each scene unique and interesting. Things feel real and sometimes deadly.

Playboy Jake has his book next and given that he is such a player, I can’t wait to see who he is paired up with. If that book is half and good as Marc‘s, it will be just as big a winner as this one.

Book Blurb for Get Lucky

Get to know the King family and uncover the clues to the game!

Marc King has learned all he knows from his father, Greg King, whose reputation precedes him as one of the best bounty hunters in the nation. Marc and his family have just returned from a trying hunt that almost cost his father his life. Being a bounty hunter is in Marc's blood. He's never thought of doing anything else. But serious down time will keep him fresh for the next hunt.

At a romantic ski lodge buried in the Rocky Mountains, Marc plots some extracurricular activity with the front desk clerk, London Brooke. When strange packages start to show up at her front door step, and at his room in the lodge, Marc and London discover there is more than sexual attraction between them. Someone has kidnapped both of their parents and the clues they leave send Marc and London on a dangerous chase after an insane game player, who is determined to make Marc, and his family, pawns in a demented and deadly competition.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75