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Whispering Cove, #11

The matchmaking grandfathers of Whispering Cove are at it again. A hot Marine and a sexy woman stuck in the 50’s are put together to work on a project. Carmen is sure the grandfathers are involved and has no idea why they thought to pair her up with Ryan. Tempers flare, especially as Ryan is really good at putting his foot in his mouth, even has sexual tension grows. Don’t expect lots of sex scenes but do expect watching two very different people fall in love and discover that they are not so different. This is almost a sweet romance with touches of humor. It is a fantastic story that while short feels so much longer as there is great depth to the story and the characters. This story is part of a series but each book can be read by itself. But, expect to want to know more about Whispering Cove and these matchmaking grandfathers. These are the perfect beach books!

Carmen never feels like she belongs and wishes things were as simple as they were in the 50s. But, when she wins a town contest, she suddenly working with Ryan, a Marine who has returned home to run his family’s business. Ryan is use to giving orders and having them followed but Carmen isn’t willing to do this. They are butting heads from the beginning. How is this going to work as they have to complete their project in just a few weeks?

Book Blurb for Fiery

The one way they don’t rub each other wrong is in each other’s arms.

Carmen Smith’s artist’s eye saw inspiration wherever she glanced as soon as she set foot on the cobbled streets of Whispering Cove, and among the inspiration she’s found the slower pace she always hoped for.

But as warm as her new life is, she harbors a secret dream to find a man who sees her as an equal and who loves her for who she is, rather than out of charity. The man she’s been partnered with to re-design the town square gets her fired up—but not in a way she expected.

Ryan Alden gave up his military career to help his father with the family business. He’s accepted his place in Whispering Cove, but still feels like an outsider at times. When he meets the bombshell babe with a vintage flare who challenges him like no other, he glimpses the life he has always longed for—but not in a way he anticipated.

From the get-go, they clash like oil and watercolor. And a relationship that looked good on paper might not be the right composition at all…

Warning: This title contains an order-barking Gunny, a woman who won’t be told what to do, and a whole new meaning for “home is where the heart is”.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2014 4.50