Divorced, Desperate and Dead

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Divorced, Desperate and Dead

Divorced and Desperate, #5

This book is full of Christie Craig’s quirky humor though there is a bit of violence in it too. Teen gangs and death play a major role in this story but love always triumphs and comes first. After meeting a hot guy in heaven’s waiting room, how does one go about introducing one’s self back on the mortal realm? It’s not as easy as you think, nor as accident prone! Cary and Chloe are a perfect couple, if they could ever get together without misunderstandings. The young thug that has a big part in both of them ending up in heaven’s waiting room, Room 6, takes you an interesting story all by himself. Beware because he’s going to endear himself to you. I found myself really enjoying these characters and seeing what kind of mess they could get themselves into. At times, you almost wanted to knock heads together and others you just wanted to laugh at them. This was definitely a page turner and one that I hated to put down. If you’ve never read any of Ms Craig’s books, this one will hook you.

Cary has had it with women and is concentrating on his job as a police officer. When he goes to meet with an informant, he doesn’t expect to find the informant dead and to be shot by some young gang member. Chloe sees a young girl about to be hit by a truck when she goes into action saving the child’s life but finding herself hit. Cary and Chloe meet in Room 6, a waiting room for heaven. It seems they are the youngest there and there is an instant spark. But, what happens when they return to their bodies? Will they remember Room 6?

Book Blurb for Divorced, Desperate and Dead

After a disastrous marriage and divorce, Detective Cary Stevens vowed he’d never let another woman into his heart. But when his latest investigation puts him in the way of a bullet, his bachelor days—and one-night stands—may be numbered. On the brink of death, he finds himself in Room Six, a waiting room in the hereafter where in-betweeners’ fates are truly decided. He resigns himself to dying of boredom, if nothing else, in the lineup of senior citizens with their AARP magazines, when in walks the one woman who could make him want a second chance at life . . . and love.

Chloe Sanders learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished when she pushes a little girl out of the way of a moving car and wakes up in some type of purgatory. Or maybe it’s heaven, because she couldn’t have asked for a hotter guy with whom to await her final judgment. The sweeping glances of his bedroom eyes and sharp-tongued flirtatiousness tell her Cary’s certainly no angel, but is he real? When she finally wakes up, Chloe’s determined to find out if he’s truly a man of magnificent flesh and blood or just a figment of her imagination. But before she can track him down, will the murderer that first put them both in Room Six come back to finish the job?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2014 4.50