Cherub's Play

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Cherub's Play

After reading this blurb, I just had to read this story. The premise sounded outstanding and I was looking forward to a humorous romance with an angelic twist. While everything was there for exactly that there were facets of this story that just didn’t quite launch. There is a slight lack of logic like when Sandra thinks she can keep custody of a baby that isn’t related to her just because she found it, even over the wishes of the baby’s father. The Archangel Geoffrey as a baby could have been exploited more but it was a pleasant touch. This story felt a bit unfinished or not completely thought out. I enjoyed reading it but was left wishing for more.

Sandra never expected the cowboys to discover a baby on the roof of the ranch house. However, now that they did, she is trying to figure out how he got there. While doing that, the doctor’s plane crash lands at the ranch. However, it isn’t the doctor in the plane. Instead it is an adventurer, Austin. Austin claims the baby is his son but Sandra isn’t ready to hand it over to him. What neither knows is an archangel is borrowing the baby’s body for a mission. Can they all figure this out or will things stay confused and chaotic?

Book Blurb for Cherub's Play

Did the stork really deliver a baby boy to the roof of Sandra Coulton’s isolated Alaskan ranch house? The ranch hands swear it’s true, but Sandra, a wildlife biologist, is sure there’s a rational explanation, even if she can’t think of one. The baby distracts Sandra from her research on grizzlies, but not as much as Austin Smith, the ne’er-do-well, part-Cheyenne bush pilot who crash lands at the ranch and claims the baby is his. The pilot wants Sandra to be his, too, but she isn’t looking for love, and she won’t give up the baby. No one knows it, but the mysterious baby is actually the Archangel Geoffrey, who is suffering a bout of amnesia. If he doesn’t remember his mission soon, he’ll lose a bet with his rival Gabriel. Not to mention disappoint his boss.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2018 3.00