Cajun Persuasion

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Cajun Persuasion

A Cajun Novel

I would never dream of putting human trafficking and humor together but Ms Hill does in this story and it absolutely works. Not only does the seriousness of the human trafficking come out but you can’t help but laugh at the rescues and the rescuers. It’s not like anything you could have thought of. Ms. Hill has brought back one of her most loved characters, Tante Lulu who never does anything half way. She also has the sexy LeDeux men appearing in various ways. This story truly is light hearted with an almost nun who doesn’t seem to have a real calling but doesn’t want to leave the nunnery either as well as an Alaskan pilot who gets a call from a former military buddy for a favor and a Priest named Snake. This story has such a mixture of characters that it has to be funny. However, human trafficking is not and that also come across with each crying girl. Though this book is part of a series and there is a reference or two about other series, this story does stand alone and can be read without having read any of Ms. Hill’s other books. However, if you get her humor, you will want to read everything she’s written. This book was a delight to read and makes a perfect beach book.

Aaron has come to Louisiana to meet his father’s family and get to know his roots. He never expected to stay but now he can’t imagine leaving. He also never imagined getting a phone call from an old military buddy asking for a favor. That favor has Aaron in a strip club meeting a nun who is pretending to be an old cleaning lady. Between them and a couple of other nuns they are saving some kidnapped girls and hoping not to be shot. What has Aaron gotten himself into? And, can that cleaning woman really be a nun?

Book Blurb for Cajun Persuasion

Return to New York Times Bestseller Sandra Hill’s Cajun country, where the Louisiana bayou is steamier than ever . . .

Alaskan pilot Aaron LeDeux came to Louisiana with his brother to discover his Cajun roots. But any hopes he had of returning home are extinguished when he agrees to help a crew of street monks and nuns rescue sex-trafficked girls. For the work has become his new calling. Plus, he’s in love with a gorgeous almost-nun named Fleur . . .

With her harrowing past, Fleur Gaudet only feels safe at the nunnery. But when she’s ordered out into the real world to decide where she truly belongs, Fleur goes to live with the notorious Tante Lulu, matriarch of the LeDeux clan. Suddenly, she’s leading a regular life, thinking irregular thoughts about Aaron. With his whiskey-colored eyes and fierce bravery, Aaron is like her own personal Cajun cowboy, re-introducing her to . . . everything.

As the dangerous missions bring them closer, Fleur must decide if her heart is truly on the path she’s been following, or if she’ll have a new future with the man of her heart.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2018 5.00