Behind His Blue Eyes

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Behind His Blue Eyes

The Heroes of Heartbreak Creek, #1

Behind His Blue Eyes is a new series by Kaki Warner but set in a familiar town, Heartbreak, Colorado. Though many favorite characters will show up in this new series and it’s fun to see what they are doing, you don’t need to know them to enjoy this story. There is plenty of romance, mystery and the old west to keep your interest and get you hooked. The railroad is coming to Heartbreak but not everyone is thrilled. There is a China town emerging and town people are not too sure about these foreigners. When a serial killer appears, no one is sure where to look. And, it seems some of the newer residents have pasts that they don’t want people to know about! Add to this mix a growing attraction between an independent bookworm woman and a man who is only in town to build the railroad. There is lots going on in this small town and sometimes heroes show up when least expected.

Audra Pearsall has been hiding that her respected historian father has dementia. She’s been writing up his notes and submitting them in order to make the money necessary to support them. But, it seems that she’s not only run out of notes but she’s about to be found out. In a life changing decision, Audra moves her father, the older couple who works for them and herself to Heartbreak, CO where her father has inherited a cabin. She only hopes that no one in Baltimore will find out. Ethan Hardesty is working for the railroad building the track. He use to be an architect but after a building he designed killed three people, he knows he will never design another building again. Currently, he’s in Heartbreak, CO trying to secure all the right of ways he needs. There is one left, the Pearsall property. After meeting Audra though, he’s not sure which he wants more, the property or her!

This sweet western historical romance left me wanting to know more and thankful that I was able to visit Heartbreak once again. This is an interesting town with fantastic residents. Ms Warner is able to have her readers feel as though they are part of the town. The emotions fly off the page. I can’t wait to see where this series is headed. (There’s one couple who haven’t come together yet and I can only hope that they soon find their way.)

Book Blurb for Behind His Blue Eyes

Award-winning author Kaki Warner gives fans a reason to celebrate with the first in a brand-new Western trilogy set in Heartbreak, Colorado, starring an advance man for the railroad?and the woman whose trust (and heart) he longs to win.  For fans of Linda Lael Miller and Jodi Thomas...

Hoping to escape his past, Ethan Hardesty left a career as an architect and went to work for the railroad. Only two things impede his desire to transform Heartbreak Creek into a thriving town once again?a vandal bent on stopping the railroad, and the beautiful but hardheaded woman who won’t sign over the final right-of-way through the canyon.

Audra Pearsall has good reason for not allowing a train to pass within yards of her home, no matter how persuasive the handsome Mr. Hardesty can be. But when vandalism escalates to murder and fear stalks the canyon, Audra doesn’t know who to turn to?until the man she thought was her friend proves to be an enemy, and the man she wouldn’t allow herself to trust becomes her reluctant hero

Night Owl Reviews Aug, 2013 4.50