A Whole New Light

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A Whole New Light

Cynthia McCall, better known as Cyn, is a mother, counselor and a widow. Her husband, Tim, died in a car crash a couple of years ago. Her father died shortly after that and her mother moved in to help out with her son. Now, Cyn is bored and wants a change but doesn’t really know what kind of change she’s like. A handsome doctor at the hospital she works at wants to date her but Cyn really isn’t attracted to him. Well, if all else fails, go talk it over with your best friend.
Worth Lansing is Cyn’s best friend. He use to be Tim’s best friend too as well as Tim’s business partner. Worth is well known as a womanizer but he really does like Cyn and they really can talk about anything. 
When Worth’s latest girlfriend backs out of a trip to Acapulco at the last minute. Worth talks Cyn into taking her place. They planned on going down and coming back as best friends but their relationship changes into something more causing Cyn to run and hide. 
When Cyn shows up at home though she finds a scene she never expected to walk in on. Her mother has invited a man to spend the night. A man Cyn didn’t even know her mother was dating! 
Cyn’s life is anything but boring as her relationships with everyone she is close to changes and she has to figure out how she’s going to deal with these changes. Can she regain her friendship with Worth? Can she accept that her mother has moved on? And what is Cyn suppose to do with the doctor at work?
This book read very quickly and there were no slow parts in it. The story just flowed and almost seemed seamless. There were a few places that you knew what was going to happen. After all, though Worth and Cyn are good friends, when two friends of the opposite sex share a bed and neither are committed to anyone else, you know where it’s going to lead. And because it’s a romance novel, you know how it’s going to end. However, the journey from start to finish was filled with humor and emotion. There’s nothing like bumping noses when trying to kiss or getting a call from the police as soon as you get romantic in bed!
Cyn and Worth’s characters while not extremely well developed were developed enough so you had a good feel of who they were. There wasn’t a great deal of background material on either yet there was enough to know that Cyn had a good marriage with Tim and Tim and Worth had been friends for years prior to being business partners. It was evident that Cyn and Worth shared memories and were comfortable in the roles that they had been playing for years. Cyn’s emotions were displayed well and were always understandable making her very likable. Worth’s emotions and motives while not as well displayed were expressed so you knew he was sincere.
A couple of small things dated this book. All of them had to do with travel. At no time were there any questions about a Passport when leaving the country. With travel restrictions, Passports are necessary to fly into just about everywhere. The other thing was at the airport. Cyn’s mother and son went with Cyn and Worth to their gate. With security in place, you no longer can do that. They also went shopping on the way to the gate buying Cyn’s son a toy gun. Again, with security in the airports, I don’t believe they still sell toy guns. However, when this book was originally published in 1989, these things would not have been an issue.
Still, for a short fun romance, this book is great. The characters all interact well and the story while predictable is warm and full of humor. Best of all, love wins!

Book Blurb for A Whole New Light

A weekend getaway to Acapulco sheds a new light on Cyn McCall’s friendship with her late husband’s best friend.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 3.50