A Hollywood Ending

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A Hollywood Ending

Paige Carson is a movie actor. She grew up in the business, as her mother was a soap star and her father a rock star. Her parents are divorced and she didn't even see her dad until she was 10 years old! She is best known for her first movie, Biker Boys that earned her an Emmy. This year she won a Razzy from her role in Cleopatra. She knows she is a good actress and deserves better roles than what she is getting. But when she finds all the good young roles are going to actress younger than her 29 years and she is starting to get offers to play mother figures, she starts getting depressed. Add to this, her father whom she adores even though he did neglect her most of you growing up years, is expecting a new baby. Suddenly, that offer to do Shakespeare in London for a pittance doesn't seem to be that bad of an idea.

Ed Hawkshead is a documentary marker who owns his own production company. He's needing some influx of cash to keep producing the types of film he enjoys making and not the fluff that most audiences want. He also owns a big house near the theater where Paige is going to work. He rents out most of it so he can afford the house and for the next few months Paige is renting it.

Neither Paige nor Ed like each other and have preconceived ideas of what the other is like. Strangely both look down on the other for different reasons, Paige seems to look down on everyone she doesn't consider her equal and Ed because he thinks Paige is just a piece of Hollywood fluff.

I can't decide if I like this book or not. I can't decide whom this book is written for. This book has me confused. I'm not even sure if I like the characters!

While the characters are fairly well fleshed out, that doesn't necessarily make them likeable. Paige comes across as a self-centered, snobby, fake woman that I probably wouldn't want to send 10 minutes with. When she receives a basket of fruit, one of her first thoughts is the fruit is probably not organic and therefore may have chemicals in it so she gives it to her assistant for her assistant's children. When she talks to her friends, it seems to me all me, me, me and listen to my problems. Several times, she is surprised when people don't do what she expects and what she usually expects is people fawning on her. Ed is better and for the most part likeable. He is snobbish in what he thinks is good film. However, he usually presents that view in a likeable way. He is surprised that Paige not only can quote poets but also even knows who they are. In other words, he's an intellectual snob but he does help Paige and gets to know her.

The book is divided into two sections, Hollywood and London. Ed does not appear at all in the first section. The first section is entirely about Paige and her life. I think the idea was for readers to get to know her and perhaps feel empathy for her. The second section introduces us to Ed and continues to let us follow Paige's life. This section does show that Paige is able to mature and grow and she does become a bit more likeable. You can also see why Paige may be like she is when she is asked out for a date and it's really an attempt for publicity.

My first thoughts were this book is for young adults/teens. The main character is so juvenile that I can't imagine a mature adult wanting to read about her. The problem with that thought is the character's age is why over what I would consider a young adult/teen interest. It is a story of Paige growing up and being able to face realities, which may interest younger readers. There are no sex scenes in this book though sex is mentioned. This makes it fairly acceptable for a younger person to read. Overall, it reminds me of those old Harlequin romance novels. That makes this book a cute book but not a thrilling one.

Book Blurb for A Hollywood Ending

From the bestselling author of Weekend in Paris, a brand- new novel that proves happy endings don't just happen in Hollywood. American starlet Paige Carson is off to London to try her hand at Shakespeare, and prove that she deserves more than bimbo roles and Hollywood hunks who can't see beyond their own reflections. But stage acting is not quite what she expected. Neither is her landlord, Ed Hawkshead, a highfalutin documentary-maker who seems far from the charming, floppy-haired Brit of her daydreams. Having a spoiled Hollywood brat—even one this attractive—as a tenant is Ed's worst nightmare. He's certain he will have to rescue her from trouble and is surprised when the tables are turned and he is the one needing help. Opposites attract as Paige and Ed must revise their assumptions about each other and rise to new challenges professionally. Robyn Sisman has done it again, writing a rollicking romantic comedy that will warm readers' hearts as they fall in love with her delightful characters. Biography Robyn Sisman was born in Los Angeles and grew up in various parts of the United States and Europe. She is the author of Weekend in Paris, Just Friends, Summer in the City, and Special Relationship.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 2.00