Wolf Slayer

Paranormal romance fans who enjoy alpha males and strong kick butt heroines will enjoy "Wolf Slayer". Between the pages of this book we have an attraction that sparks and then burns.

Tess Owen's is a woman hunting werewolves. Her parents we hunters and it's her duty to continue hunting wolves as well. Both her parents have passed away and she's on her own now. She has her own area to patrol and wo and behold she has a powerful wolf in town. She's going to get him - dead! But something stops her. Can a truce be agreed upon? Maybe...Hell No!

Jonas is a werewolf. He's is in Tess' territory and is hiding from something bad. He's protecting his sister from what's coming for her. But he also has Tess to contend with. Something tells him that Tess is special and to form a relationship with her. But that's a hard thing when Tess has a silver blade to his neck. But the sparks fly and passion can't be denied.

Linda Thomas-Sundstrom brings Tess and Jonas story to life. We feel for them as we quickly get to know the characters and what drives them. Readers will feel like they are part of the decision making process as the story unfolds. Every action has a reaction and we are there as part of the living and breathing audience. Jump in and find out what Tess doesn't know about herself. It's a true revelation and an interesting spin on paranormal romance.

Book Blurb for Wolf Slayer


Descended from a long line of werewolf trackers, Tess Owen knows everything there is to know about hunting the big, bad beasts—except what to do when you find yourself falling for one.

Solitary, preternaturally powerful Jonas Dale is a legend among his own kind—and among those who want to destroy his kind. He’s also undeniably sexy. Longing intensifies Tess’s hunt for this lone wolf, and her prey’s passion matches her own. Meanwhile, a common enemy stalks them both. Will desire save Tess and Jonas, or will it destroy them?

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2017 4.00