The Dragon's Lion

Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 2

Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley continue their Crimson Realm Chronicles in "The Dragon's Lion". It all started with a prequel book and the first book "In Search of Pride". The prequel and first book have now been combined. Yay, I think it works much better that way. This second book is more of a continuation of the deeper fantasy part of this romance series. Ciara (dragon) and Brenn's (lion shifter) relationship is deepening and they are still focused on freeing their peoples from the evil Cewrick. In doing that Brenn has to leave Ciara for quite some time and journey to the center of the Earth. As you expect, good times are had by all as they journey deeper... NOT. Hideous creatures are down there and Brenn has to ferret out a traitor.

I loved burrowing deeper into this fantasy world and meeting new creatures like fairies and gods. Not so much the gigantic spider! That's just to get you started on the tale. So much happens up to their trip and after. Reading the bit about journeying to the center of the earth was special to me. The movie "Journey to the Center of the Earth" was one of my dad's favorites. I inherited his copy when he passed away. Taryn Jameson and Gabriella Bradley did a wonderful job in taking us on a journey as well and switching things up.

I have a feeling the following books will have more romances coming our way. I could feel some tension between Earthling Erica and lion shifter Laro. I'm sure they will bring on the passionate sparks.

Book Blurb for The Dragon's Lion

The rescue of Brenn’s pride sets off an angry tirade from Cewrick that results in curses that almost cripple the Crimson Realm and all of Ierilia.

With the help of Ciara, Brenn leads his crew through the bowels of the planet and the forbidden forest to unlock the secret of defeating Cewrick. But will his defeat end the reign of terror on their world?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.00