Sword of Betrayal

Crimson Realm Chronicles Book 3

Are you hooked on the Crimson Realm Chronicles series yet? Well I am. In this third book we get another love story focus. This series does need to be read in order!

"Sword of Betrayal" delves into Erica (human) and Laro (shifter) passion. And my do they find a way to heat up the sheets as they adventure to find a girl who can help bring power to their side as they fight the evil got Zohmes. This book is truely for those who like it HOT.

Erica has so much to deal with. She's lucky to be alive as well as many of her crew. They came from Earth to crash onto this new planet of both technology as well as a love for the old ways. With a dash of magic and the will of the gods will they all survive and find love? Well not all. Not everyone is happy to have found a new planet to live on. And as they say, one bad apple can spoil the bunch. It's only through her new friendships and loves that Erica can make a needed emotional journey. I like Erica. She's a woman who gets it done. She so desires to find love and Laro is just perfect for her.

Readers get their needed HEA fix in this book. Both Laro and Erica earn the readers love and devotion as the story unfolds. No matter how many problems Zohmes puts in front of them they will survive.

Next up in the series we get "Sword of Judgement".

Book Blurb for Sword of Betrayal

When Erica is granted a commission in the king’s army and gifted a magical sword for her bravery, she begins to look forward to a future for both herself and her crew. But not everyone is happy with their circumstances.

Erica joins Brenn’s team in the fight to save his planet from the angry god, Zohmes, and she finds herself charmed by more than just the planet. The sexy lion shifter, Laro, claims she is his lifemate, setting her passions ablaze. Stung by the sharp tongues and dissension of some of her crew, Erica pushes him away to focus on the lives of her crew members.

Can Erica accept a future with Laro, or will she let hate and betrayal decide her fate?

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2018 4.00