Mystic Guardian

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Mystic Guardian

Mystic Isle Series - Book 1

Mystic Guardian by Patricia rice is a compelling start to a wonderful new series. It's magical, historical and just what I've been looking for. I love paranormal romance and historical and Mystic Guardian is a wonderful combination of the two. I've started to see less historicals on the market and lots of paranormals. Since I love paranormals that's great, but I sure miss a good historical. I'm glad to see that the historicals have found a way to grace the shelves with a new upbeat paranormal twist.

Mariel, a French woman, and her sister are starving. Things are not good and her sister has a babe on the way. If they do not find food soon they will die. Wheat is costly and they do not have the money for bread. The girls mother has passed away, but prior to her passing she had a vision. She told the girls that a golden god would save them. Just when thing got really bad a golden man pulls into port and then takes off. Mariel dives into the sea and goes after him. As it turns out Mariel has a special gift. She can swim like and fish.

Trystan l'Enforcer is the golden god and yes he has special powers and his people are part of a secret society. They live on an island that is protected by a forcefield. When Mariel passes the force field her life changes. If she is to leave the island she must bind with one of the islands men or be put to death. She must also were a ring of silence. As Mariel and Trystan clash we see a coming together of sea, soul and love.

Ms. Rice has written a great first book and I'm eagerly awaiting the next in the series. Keep your eyes pealed for the next in the Mystic Isle Series. I'm not sure who it will be about, but I hope there will be books for both of the seer's and for Trystan's sea crew. Mystic Guardian includes a bit of French history with a huge dollop of fantasy romance to get the magic stirring.

Book Blurb for Mystic Guardian

Off the coast of France lies the sun-kissed isle of Aelynn. Guarded by Trystan l'Enforcer, its people use magical abilities to protect a sacred chalice. An ambitious Trystan intends to marry for convenience, but when a sultry beauty washes up on his shore, she stirs in him a carnal hunger-and his plans take a confounding turn. Now he must work with her to recover Aelynn's most sacred object before chaotic forces can lead to devastating destruction.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2007 4.50