Hell With The Ladies

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Hell With The Ladies

Anthology - 3 Stories

Hell With The Ladies was a great contemporary look into the son's of Satan. Satan has three sons all with different women. Each of his son's has his own story in Hell With The Ladies. Satan's three sons Jack, Nick and Marcus are up for a promotion - Which will be the next King of Hell! Each son is given a task to complete, who will succeed and who will fail? Satan wants to retire and someone must take his place. After a lifetime of dirty deeds Satan wants to kick back and spend some time relaxing on a beach with a few women, maybe a blond or a brunet - maybe both!

Jack, Satan's oldest son, is given the task of retrieving a book for his father. If he succeeds he will take his fathers place. But his quest is not so easy, he must get the book from an old bookshop that is run by Gabriella and her grandmother. Gabriella is sick of taking care of the shop and seeks marriage as an escape. Will jack use Gabriella to get the book, gaining the keys to hell, or will they have something to celebrate?

Nick, Satan's second son, is a master painter. With each painting he takes a bit of a person's soul and imbue the painting with life. To become King of Hell he must paint the soul out of Delilah Burnett. There is one problem; Delilah is the woman of his dreams. For his whole life, He has been looking for the perfect woman to paint and Delilah is that woman. Nick falls for Delilah bad. Will Nick paint her soul away or will he make her his own?

Satan's third son, Marcus Diablo, is an adventurer. He likes to find treasure. His father sets him on the quest to find the Devil's Delight. If he can find it, and turn it over to his father, he will be King. Marcus is not the only one looking for The Devil's Delight. Celeste Abbot wants it for her father. Will Marcus and Celeste find the treasure together? Will Marcus be King of Hell?

What will happen is none of Satan's son's succeed in their quests? Hmmm - Maybe a woman will have to do the job!

Ms. Kenner, O'Reilly and Davis did a fantastic job of keeping me entertained. I read the book in one sitting, once you know the fait of one brother you have to dive into the tales of the other two. I liked how each brother was totally different from another. I can't wait to read the next book by these three. Hell on Hells is due out in June 2007 - If the men can't run hell maybe the daughters of Satan can! - If you haven't started this series go out and buy it today - it was thoroughly entertaining!

Book Blurb for Hell With The Ladies

Three all-new stories of sinfully sexy men-and the women who change their wicked ways.

One is a hotshot corporate raider. One is an infamous artist. One is a high-class thief with a taste for danger.

Meet the sons of Satan.

Jack, Nick, and Marcus are on a quest to win their father's throne-and rule the underworld. But if it's up to three strong-minded, seductive women, they'll achieve their goal when Hell freezes over. All-new stories by Julie Kenner, Kathleen O'Reilly, and Dee Davis.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2007 4.50