Galaxy Man

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Galaxy Man

Book 1

When Electra Galaxy hosts her Mr. Interstellar Feller pageant hunks from around the galaxy start showing up in L.A. It’s the distant future and things have changed quite a bit. Hunks come in many colors and sport many fantastical attire.
Sam’s hunks will blow you away, as they parade, pose and take your breath away.
As the pageant begins you will be swept away into galactic politics. Weapons and mind controlling stones have been heisted off the planet Lucent and have made their way to Earth. The felons have used the pageant as a cover. Earth has diminished security as not to offend offworlders, but has opened itself to attack. When Earth Protectorate gets the news they know they must do something. They assign Captain Sagan Carter to the case. It’s her job to find the weapons and turn them over to Earth’s government. But what about the mind controlling stones? Well Earth has been kept ignorant of that being heisted.
The government of Lucent has teamed up with the world of Oceanus to take down the felons. Oceanus people look similar to Earthlings, but have greenish skin. They feel that they are superior in all things and Earthlings are beneath them even though both have the same ancestors. Enforcer Keir Trask of Oceanus has been sent to participate in the pageant as a cover. He and Sagan will work closely together. These two clash from the beginning, but both combust with attraction. As they come together, to fight for justice, they have many obstacles to manage. From bikini waxes to poisonous snakes they have to endure more than they ever imagined. Law enforcement has never been so dangerous nor so blazing hot.
Candace Sam keeps it light, fun and will have you laughing all the way through. Electra Galaxy’s Mr. Interstellar Feller is not to be missed and once you meet the cast of characters you will be coming back for more galactic fellers. Keir’s friend Datron, a man with angel wings in next up to get his woman, or so I hope. Once you read this one you will be begging for a series. More Interstellar Fellers Please!

Book Blurb for Galaxy Man

"With whom must one fornicate to get out of this?"

In the distant future, Captain Keir Trask hunts dangerous weapon smugglers and has tracked them all the way to Earth. In order to bring these felons back to planet Lucent, he has quite reluctantly agreed to go undercover as a male beauty pageant contestant. The only problem is that the Earth Protectorate agent assigned to work with him is driving him crazy.

Captain Sagan Carter has orders to make sure her high-and-mighty alien counterpart completes all the requirements for the male beauty pageant serving as his cover; otherwise he's to be escorted to the nearest deportation area, never to return to Earth's surface.

All Keir wants is to arrest smugglers and go home.

To make the arrest and grab kudos for herself, Sagan forces Keir to keep assorted appointments including bikini waxes, facials and filming promo spots for...

'Pluto Pillow Mints...the mints that melt in your mouth and provide an orgasmic experience for your taste buds...'

It's a campy farce of high adventure!

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2008 5.00