Born of Fire

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Born of Fire

League Series #2

Kenyon’s newest Science Fiction Romance is strongly character driven and has a very twisty plot. This is the second in the League series, but can stand-alone. I’ve read both and encourage readers to pick up both and start out with Born of Night. This is a series that will pull you in from the beginning and have you wanting the whole series - maybe to the point of begging Sherri to write more. Luckily for us, all these stories will be out by the close of 2009. The third book is Born of Ice and it involves the son’s of characters in both Born of Fire and Born of Night.
Shahara Dagan’s family has always been dirt poor and emotionally attached. As the oldest she feels it’s her responsibility to take care of them all - two sisters and a brother. Her mother has passed as well as her father. She was left with a load of bills that she is still paying off and now her sister is in the hospital. In her world the sick are not taken care of without payment. So, Shahara goes and does what she does best…bounty hunting. Shahara has been trained as a bounty hunter since she was next in line to receive training. She tracks down criminals for a supreme governing body. She signs on to bring in C.I Syn either dead or alive. According to Syn’s criminal bio he is a rapist and a murder. Shahara feels bringing him in will kill two birds with one stone. Getting him both off the street and putting enough money in her pocket to cover her sisters medical bills…but Syn is not what his paperwork makes him out to be. In time Shahara finds Syn to be a male to count upon and one who just needs a strong woman by his side. But will Shahara in the end turn him over to the authorities to save her family?
This is another thrilling novel in Kenyon’s ever-growing arsenal of titles. Every time I pick-up a Kenyon book I get pulled into another satisfying world…I think you will too.

Book Blurb for Born of Fire



In a universe where assassins make the law, everyone lives in fear—except for Syn. Born of an illicit scandal that once rocked a dynasty, he always knew how to survive on the bloodthirsty streets. But that was then, and the future is now…


Syn was raised as a tech-thief until his livelihood uncovered a truth that could end his life. He tried to destroy the evidence, and has been on the run ever since. Now trained as an assassin, he allows no one to threaten him. Ever. He is the darkness that swallows his enemies whole.


Shahara Dagan is the best bounty hunter in the universe. When Syn comes back on the radar, she’s the only one who can bring him to justice. There’s only one problem: Syn is a close family friend who’s helped out the Dagans countless times. But if she saves him, both of their lives will be on the line. Is Syn’s protection worth the risk? The only hope Shahara has is to find the evidence he buried long ago. Now it’s kill or be killed—and they, the predators, have just become the hunted…

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2009 4.50