Temptation Creek

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Temptation Creek

The Layton Family Series, #1


Claire laid the gun down on the bar and sank onto a stool. Her stomach twisted and cramped. She laid her head down on the dark wood. The cool surface calmed her riotous nerves, gave her a chance to think for a moment. She'd made the right move. Really, she never had another choice.

Sirens cried in the distance. With a relieved sigh, she slid off the stool. Her knees shook a bit, but she maintained her somewhat wobbly stance. She'd always heard it seemed like forever for law enforcement to respond. Now she understood what they meant.


Claire Layton readied herself to placate a dragon.


Temptation Creek starts off with an energy that just doesn't let up until the end. I usually do not read romantic suspense because of the slower pace I normally find, however that is not the case with this book or this author. She knows how to deliver a suspenseful plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, mixed with a romance that is just as powerful. I thought both the romantic and suspenseful aspects were well balanced and woven together to create a well balanced story. The plot twists kept coming, and had me guessing throughout the entire book. I loved the quick succession of events and the hot romance between Claire and Jake, the two main characters. The author wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty with the secondary characters and made the villain as nasty as they come which only added grit and depth to the book. Ms. Flynn didn't let me down at the end either. Her twists and turns lead to a powerful ending and wrapped up with a happy ending. She also left an awesome clue as to what the next The Layton Family Series Book will entail. All together, this book has lead me to find an author that I just have to add to my MUST-READ list.


Temptation Creek Takes place in Dry Creek, Nebraska where treachery and love are pushed beyond all boundaries and possible new beginnings are born.


Ms. Flynn's knows how to write with wild fire! She can bend it to do her will and create an amazing ride for all to enjoy! She writes amazing characters and I love her ability to never have a dull moment in her books.


Claire Layton is one spunky and sassy lady that knows how to keep herself in troubles way at all times. She also knows how to dish out the whoop-ass when needed. I loved her tender heart and enjoyed watching her learn to trust and love again. It is that very thing that has me hooked on the romance genre in the first place. This is one heroine I'd love to call my best friend because she would go to the ends of the world to help those around her. I thought Jake the perfect man to pull her out of her fear of loving again and into a world only lived by those in love. His iron clad determination proved he was willing to fight for her even when he tried to convince himself he only wanted a one night love affair; get the job done and go home kind of deal with Claire. Later in the book his inner struggle to come to terms with his weaknesses where Claire is concerned also warmed my heart up to him because I got to see behind the curtain so to speak. The secondary characters and villain were just as interesting but I will run into giving out spoilers if I continue. i'll leave you to discover who exactly is behind the mystery.

Very well developed characters all around and I am looking forward to the next in the series!


If you love a great romantic suspense, Temptation Creek is for you! Ms. Flynn delivers in all aspects and ends with an enticing hook for the next in the series! Until then, I have already added all of her books to my must-have list to tie me over!

Book Blurb for Temptation Creek

Claire Layton expects the usual busy Saturday night at Harvest Bistro to be killer on her stiletto shod feet. She never imagines there’d be an actual murderer on the loose at her restaurant in rural Dry Creek, Nebraska. But when she discovers a customer dead in a dumpster, the killer demands she find the victim’s phone and flash drive or face fatal consequences.

Jake Warrick, a cocky and mind-numbingly hot private investigator, becomes Claire’s unlikely ally in the search. Jake just wants to solve the case and get out of this hick town, but the diminutive and curvaceous Claire turns his plan upside down as they uncover a more complex crime than they ever imagined. The two bicker and banter like Tracy and Hepburn caught in a whirlwind of intense sexual attraction as they try to find the killer before it’s too late.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2011 4.50