Proud Mary

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Proud Mary

Roxton Family Saga Book 4

A time that seems so strange – a kind of dichotomy of traditions and morays where the term polite society is practically an oxymoron. Read any one of the fabulous insightful books by Lucinda Brant and especially those in the Roxton Family Saga and you’ll get a kind of birds eye view on this long ago way of life.

Lucinda Brant gallantly traverses her way through a labyrinth of family ties that at times seems so convoluted it makes you take a breath before continuing on. But you see that is exactly how the families and relationships formed at that time in history. And so PROUD MARY a true Georgian historical romance carries on a proud tradition of endearing and engaging works of art by Lucinda Brant. Mangled heaps of relationships many never formally acknowledged. So many born out of wedlock that proof of parentage is beyond sketchy and these children were left adrift in a world without any real connection to a true family.

Polite society was never really polite – more haughty and exclusive – but never inclusive and welcoming unless it suited their needs.

Christopher knows a lot about living on the fringe of society – has done it his entire life – in fact the more he learns of his parentage and relations the less he is inclined to acknowledge them. Kind of turning the tables. Just one of many reasons to adore this character.

Lady Mary, on the other hand, has lived her entire life listening, obeying and bending to the wills of others. Never developing self-esteem and confidence and now as a widow with a young daughter she finds herself somewhat freer to learn more about who she is. What she wants. Somewhat free though is the problem. Lady Mary is too young to stay a widow. According to the reigning societal rules she must get remarried and probably face a second loveless match. But she has nothing to her name, indeed penniless regardless of the fat that her lineage is high on the scale. Dubious and other timely. But there is nothing more important to Mary than her daughter Teddy and she will do anything to assure a healthy, happy and secure future for this girl that is her heart.

Christopher is a Squire, land owner that works his land, owns mills – he is a merchant. Unsuitable for a match to Lady Mary whom he adores. Time is not on their side. Even though the feeling between Christopher and Mary are deep and unexplored they are both realists. There is no room in their worlds for any type of relationship. And it seems as if they are definitely running out of time.

I never pass up anything written by Lucinda Brant and having loved each and every previous book in the Roxton Family Saga it was inevitable that PROUD MARY wind up on my must read list. PROUD MARY is such an enlightening vision into this era of inequality and Lucinda Brant brings it all home in her choice of vocabulary and scenery. PROUD MARY is a love story of unrequited and unacceptable love and passion. But if we’ve learned anything in the previous Roxton Family tales love has a way of conquering all stereotypes and norms.

Book Blurb for Proud Mary

A Georgian Historical Romance

The Roxtons are back! Romance. Drama. Intrigue. Family secrets. There’s never a dull moment for the 18th Century’s first family…

Widowed and destitute, Lady Mary Cavendish is left with only her pride. Daughter of an earl and great-granddaughter to a Stuart King, family expectation and obligation demands she remarry. But not just any man will do; her husband must rank among the nobility. Falling in love with her handsome and enigmatic neighbor is out of the question. As always, Mary will do her duty and ignore her heart.

Country squire Christopher Bryce has secretly loved his neighbor Mary for many years. Yet, he is resigned to the cruel reality they are not social equals and thus can never share a future together. Never mind that his scandalous past and a heartbreaking secret make him thoroughly unworthy of such a proud beauty.

Then into their lives steps a ghost from Mary’s past, whose outrageous behavior has Mary questioning her worldview, and Christopher acting upon his feelings, and for all to see. The mismatched couple begin to wonder if in fact love can prevail—that a happily ever after might just be possible if only they dare to follow their hearts.

Mary and Christopher’s story can be read as a standalone and fans of the series will delight in being reacquainted with the fascinating, always surprising and never ordinary members of the Roxton family.

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2017 5.00