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Last Chance Knit & Stitch

Last Chance, #6

It takes quite a talented author to stir up emotions for the characters on a page. Last Chance Knit & Stitch was my introduction to Hope Ramsay and this book will certainly not be my last. I love the opportunity to meet new authors, it's definitely one of the selfish reason for why I review books. Hope Ramsey is such a find for me and I'm guessing anyone who reads this latest book in the Last Chance series will concur.

There is nobody that can hurt you more than your own parents. So many people live their lives trying to measure up to their parents expectations and when falling short resolve to break away hopefully minimizing the hurt. But for some the damage has already been done.

Both Molly and Simon are guilty of kind of hardening their hearts to avoid any chances of getting hurt by coming up short and finding themselves lacking. Simon was determined to avoid marriage and commitment citing his parent’s argumentative lifestyle as an example of an unhappy marriage. Molly was brought up short by her mother’s sudden choice to run away from her family to parts unknown without so much as a return address.

Simon was supposed to be a doctor but the cards weren't there for that career choice, instead his path led towards creativity and art. His love of color had come from his early experiences with his mother. Good memories abounded about these times before he sorely disappointed both his parents by leaving medicine behind.

Molly's best memories were those at her father the Coach’s side at high school football games. She was the good luck charm for the teenage jocks who idolized the Coach. And Molly adored her father. All this would drastically change with the birth of her brothers. In the blink of an eye Molly was supposed to turn a switch and become a little girl obsessed with pink and dolls and such. But that is not who Molly was.

Both Molly and Simon made the decision to follow their own paths but their approach was drastically different. Molly stayed home in Last Chance where her friends and family were. Sure she acknowledged the disappointment in her parent’s failure to support her career and life choice but she had a very full life all the same.

Simon turned his back on his entire life in Last Chance making a new home in a new place.

But home is where the heart is and even though acceptance is lacking perhaps there is more there than meets the eye. When you are young you are quick to judge your parents attitudes and actions. Sometimes what you see is superficial to the real family dynamic.

What Simon has to learn is to face what leaving home has ultimately achieved. Developing a thicker skin does not mean becoming indifferent. To Simon Molly becomes the bridge to the home he left behind so many years ago. The big question is whether he is willing to take a life changing leap toward what could be a fulfilling future. Molly also has lessons to learn mostly about her own strengths. By opening her eyes to possibilities she had never considered Molly could be sweetly rewarded,

The big lesson for both Simon and Molly will be to follow their hearts – not doing so would be the one thing they both regret for the rest of their lives.

What we all learn from Last Chance Knit & Stitch is labels and stereotyping people is wrong on so many levels. Pigeonholing people into the roles they are supposed to play can ultimately cripple them and often leaves them with self-esteem issues.

This is an important and wonderful story disguised as a small town romance. Hope Ramsay gives us a wonderful glimpse into small southern town living with the requisite gossips, matchmakers, and even a ghost. Ramsay writes with heart and humor. Truly a book to be treasured and heartwarming foray into a great series.

Book Blurb for Last Chance Knit & Stitch

Molly Canaday wishes she could repair her life as easily as she fixes cars. She was all set to open her own body shop in Last Chance when her mother ran off and left her to manage the family yarn shop instead. Now guided by the unsolicited-though well-intended-advice of the weekly knitting club, Molly works to untangle this mess. But her plan unravels when the new landlord turns out to be difficult-as well as tall, dark, and handsome.

Simon Wolf returns to quickly settle his father's estate and then leave Last Chance for good. Still wounded by a broken heart, Simon is surprised when the town's charming streets and gentle spirit bring back good memories. Soon the beautiful, strong-willed Molly sparks a powerful attraction that tempts him to break his iron-clad no-commitment rule. Can Simon and Molly find a way to share work space-and build a future together in Last Chance?

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2013 5.00