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Eternally Yours

Roxton Letters Volume One

Before I say anymore – run don’t walk and take advantage of a pre-order price of 99¢ for easily the most enjoyable – pure fun – novella I’ve ever read – but I must admit to being a huge fan of Lucinda Brant.

I just realized that I’ve had the good fortune to read all and review most of Lucinda Brant’s Roxton Family Saga and the Salt Hendon Series.

Lucinda Brant is the master of imagery - just reading these very well designed letters conjures up treasured images of the books featuring the letter writers. Engaging as any Brant book these letters in ETERNALLY YOURS are designed to set the stage for all the stories – kind of a behind the scenes narrative. If we were talking about a cinema series ETERNALLY YOURS would be the best trailer ever produced. Well at least in my humble opinion.

In ETERNALLY YOURS Lucinda Brant captures your imagination and makes the reader feel as if they are privy to very private moments of some of the best characters ever developed by a historical romance author. At first I wasn’t quite sure what Brant’s intent was but then I got that ahha moment and well done.

ETERNALLY YOURS is by definition a novella but Lucinda Brant managed to cram this short book with facts, feelings, fears and tears of some of the best characters she has introduced to us in the Roxton Family Saga. The letters brought back memories – as they were supposed to do for those of us that already read the first three books in the saga. But as I said before these letters serve as a masterfully produced trailer for each of those stories and a wonderful lead in to book number four for those not familiar with the Roxton Saga.

Each and every one of the four books in this series earned a five star rating. ETERNALLY YOURS reminds me why and candidly inspires me to revisit these amazing books.

Historical romance is an interesting genre with stories filled with pomp and circumstance, fashion, stereotypes, politics and hopefully love which interestingly isn’t the usual goal in coupling. I always say that polite society isn’t always that polite.

There are six books – now seven – including ETERNALLY YOURS that gloriously magnify the joy of that genre.

Book Blurb for Eternally Yours

A Companion To The Roxton Family Saga Books 1-3

Previously unpublished letters from the private correspondence of the Roxton family, spanning 1743–1777, including extracts from the diaries of Antonia, 5th Duchess of Roxton and 7th Duchess of Kinross. Volume One complements the first three books of the award-winning Roxton Family Saga: Noble Satyr, Midnight Marriage, and Autumn Duchess. With a foreword by a late-Victorian descendant, Alice-Victoria, 10th Duchess of Roxton.

Night Owl Reviews May, 2015 5.00