Dair Devil

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Dair Devil

Roxton Family Saga Book 3

Dair Devil is book four in an unsurpassed series of historical romances written by Lucinda Brant in her saga based on a very intriguing family – the Roxton’s.

Alistair ‘Dair’ Fitzstuart led a pretty “pampered” life and yet didn’t seem to think twice about taking chances – even for something that seemed rather juvenile like a prank. This latest prank had all the earmarks of a bad idea and in the end would prove to be not only an exercise in futility but something practically impossible to live down much less correct.

Pretty evident that much of their bravado came from bottle, the liquor not only bolstered their collective gutsiness but also hampered their ability to see reason – reason why this was a decidedly bad move on many levels. But there was no reasoning with these three great friends once this notion had deeply seated itself in their now inebriated brains.

What seemed like an innocent event will of course steer well off the planned path literally smack into some uncharted territory especially for Dair and Rory. To use the term compromised position would be to minimize the possible damage done.

Dair and Rory’s first introduction is wildly funny, curiously heartwarming and decidedly hot.

Rory’s life had been shaped and planned by a series of what she refers to as “what ifs.” So many were without a doubt beyond her ability to control. So for a pretty, sweet and intelligent well-bred young woman Rory faced a rather unfulfilled future because of a birth defect that had her on the outside looking in for most of her life.

Rory gleamed happiness from participating in the lives of friends and her brother but finding true love and pursuing a marriage was beyond the scope of her “what if” life. But Rory’s life was going to take an unexpected turn.

No one would be more surprised by the relationship flowering between Rory and Dair. Dair is every woman’s dream. Handsome, wealthy and athletically built. He could have his pick of any available woman and yet once Rory catches his eye it looks like he just might be off the market. But needless to say with his reputation of a ladies man and dare devil Rory’s friends and family are far from supporters of this new friendship.

What a cast of characters Brant has blessed us with in this fourth book of the series. Some old and already endeared to the reader and some new and candidly outlandish, wonderful ones. Each book so far in this series of charmers definitely stands on its own merit but following along on the path each of these characters lives take is a joy. Hard for me to choose a favorite so far but Dair Devil is going to be hard to top. Dair Devil starts as a joyous romp and evolves into a mesmerizing page turner. Any fan of historical romance is sure to fall in love with this series and by extension its author Lucinda Brant.

Book Blurb for Dair Devil

Opposites attract.

Appearances can deceive.

A dashing and rugged façade hides the vulnerable man within.

He will gamble with his life, but never his heart.

Always the observer, never the observed, her fragility hides conviction.

She will risk everything for love.

One fateful night they collide.

The attraction is immediate, the consequences profound…

London and Hampshire, 1777: The story of Alisdair ‘Dair’ Fitzstuart—nobleman, ex-soldier, and rogue, and Aurora ‘Rory’ Talbot—spinster, pineapple fancier, and granddaughter of England’s Spymaster General, and how they fall in love.

Standalone fourth book in the acclaimed ROXTON family saga

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2014 5.00