The Laird's Choice

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The Laird's Choice

Lairds of the Loch

The Laird’s Choice by Amanda Scott brings the political unrest of the early 15th century Scotland into a riveting romance for those that love the Scottish historical. The well-rounded characters will take the reader into the intriguing life of Magnus Galbraith and Andrena MacFarlan as destiny takes them on a journey of heart, soul, and a warrior’s honor. The information Magnus has could potentially change the hierarchy amongst the clans and bring order to the chaos--if the true king of Scotland can hold his throne. Magnus seeks to protect the king. There are many that want to stop Magnus, but he has found that the gifts from his unexpected wife will bring more passion to the man and warrior. Lady Andrena and her family fight to secure their home in the mystical mountains of Scotland and fate has brought them Magnus. Andrena and Magnus are characters that will charm the reader with their romance, while having the reader anticipating the coming political storm that could devastate their way of life.

The Laird’s Choice is a good and enjoyable read to thrill the historical heart of its readers. The characters are well developed and bring life to the time period that is full of intrigue. There is an undeniable passion that grows into a deeply felt romance. Magnus has his complications with his family clan and difficult decisions to face. Andrena can sense the distress in her world, but with Magnus she has to blindly follow her heart. Theirs is a love that grows from trust and passion. The development of these two, along with secondary characters, will tantalize the reader as the plot unfolds and leaves the reader wanting more from these brave Scottish warriors. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for The Laird's Choice


Lady Andrena MacFarlan has been different since the day she was born. Possessing the power to sense others' most intimate desires, she knows her duty is to marry the man who will take the MacFarlan name as his own and help her father regain the chiefdom of their clan. But her unique gifts don't prepare her for the day when a mighty warrior suddenly enters her life. The attraction between them is undeniable -- and insatiable.


Hunted by brutal enemies, the wounded Magnus Galbraith washes up on MacFarlan land where he is rescued by a laird's lovely daughter. Andrena is like no one Magnus has ever known. She has the uncanny ability to both calm and enflame him in ways he never dreamed possible. But she has other unknown-and dangerous-powers. Now, as Magnus seeks to avenge a brother and protect a king, the young beauty could prove his greatest ally-or his ultimate undoing . . .

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2013 3.50