The Fire King

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The Fire King

Dirk & Steele Series #9

Soria is a member of the Dirk and Steele Agency, and as with all the members, she has a special gift.ÿHers is the ability to speak and understand all languages even the dead ones.ÿA personal trauma has had Soria hiding away from people and the agency for over a year.ÿNow she is reluctantly dragged back to communicate with a part man, part beast that is suddenly resurrected from a tomb and held by the agency.ÿKarr awakens into madness.ÿThree thousand years ago, he was a king amongst his people of shifters and now his tortured life continues in a world unknown to him but for the one voice that speaks to him in his own language. Soria soon realizes there is more nefarious reasons for her being with Karr, and the deadly attempts on their lives leaves her wondering if she can trust the very agency she works for.ÿKarr is leery of all beings around him and when enemies attack, he takes Soria on a journey that neither will ever forget.ÿThe search for answers brings about a danger to their existence and the passion they have discovered.

Marjorie M. Liu has penned another gripping novel of extraordinary characters with a thrilling plot that will have the reader entrenched within the danger and the heart-wrenching emotions.ÿKarr is noble, fierce and protective of all he considers his, but an old war between his kind has left him distrustful and angry.ÿSoria is a woman left feeling unwhole and shies away from most human contact.ÿTheir battered hearts will touch the heart of the reader and forever leave their mark as these two travels the road of self-discovery and danger.ÿThe Fire King is an extraordinary tale of romance, intrigue, and fascinating characters that will keep the reader turning the pages in anticipation.ÿI am a captive fan of the Dirk and Steel novels and this one did not disappoint.ÿI highly recommend this story; especially to those that follow the series.ÿAnd have no stands alone as a great novel too.ÿEnjoy!

Re-Released Review: Original Review Date: 6/17/2009 - Re-Released with a new publisher

Book Blurb for The Fire King

Long ago, shape-shifters reigned as gods. But even gods have laws that they break at their own peril . . .

Each member of Dirk & Steele has a unique ability. Soria's is the gift of communication—which is why she's been chosen to learn the language of a tormented warrior resurrected after thousands of years of icy sleep.

He is Karr, and once he was a king. Strong as a lion, quick and deadly as a serpent, he saw everything he loved consumed in flames. Death was to be his salvation, but thousands of years later he has been awakened against his will. Now a breathtaking human moves him in ways he neither understands nor desires. But Soria can see beyond his rage . . . and only she can speak the words that will cool the destructive fury in his soul.

Words of love.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2011 4.50