On the Loose

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On the Loose

Hold on to your seat folks because Tara Janzen is taking you for a thrilling new ride with On the Loose. With a new player from the Steele Street Special Defense Force and a new mission, our special ops man, C. Smith Rydell, finds himself playing bodyguard to a rich socialite named Honey York. Honey's last `mercy mission' brought Smith into her life and bed 4 months earlier and now she has requested his help for a government mission that was forced upon her. They are sent to retrieve valuable CIA documents in El Salvador, where guerilla leaders, drug cartels and the El Salvador government are all fighting for power and Smith must tread carefully the warring boundaries between all parties. The mission all hinges on delivering Honey's briefcase within 48 hours and Smith will risk all to keep Honey out of enemy hands and safe within his arms.

On The Loose is a roller coaster ride of suspense with several story plots that develop and come together into an explosive ending. The sensual undercurrents and different lifestyles between Smith and Honey will captivate the reader with steamy romance even as a complicated drama unfolds around them. I liked the sub-plots with the seedy characters all trying to out do the other, while all were focused on Smith and Honey's complicated mission and how to use them for their own chilling reasons. This is a spin off tale from the Crazy series but can be read as a stand alone. Tara Janzen is giving a new mission to another group of Steele Street operatives which promises to be just as intriguing and spicy as her previous ones. It was great read full of danger, intrigue and romance and I enjoyed the ride.

Book Blurb for On the Loose

He's a special agent who never loses his cool.

She's the heat-seeking missle headed straight for his heart.

Keeping cool under pressure is the credo C. Smith Rydell lives by. That's why he was handpicked by the Special Defense Forces for a mission few men survive. So why has the ex-DEA superstar been reassigned to Panama City, playing bodyguard to a blond in a black string bikini? Except Honey York isn't your average pampered socialite. She's the woman Rydell caught smuggling cash into El Salvador four months ago. And now she wants him to take her back.

All Honey has to do is find the guerrilla camp, deliver the goods, and get the hell out of the jungle-all in forty-eight hours. Only one man is up for the job. But sharing an unforgettable one-night stand was nothing next to being stranded with Rydell on some third world mountaintop. And with bullets flying and all hell breaking loose, now is not the time for passion. As if these two could possibly resist it..

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 4.25