Loose and Easy

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Loose and Easy

Loose And Easy by Tara Janzen will take you on a hair-raising adventure through the seedier streets of Denver in this latest ride with the Steele Street gang as their newest member Johnny runs across an old acquaintance with trouble trailing behind her.  Johnny knows Esmee is in over her head with this mysterious business of hers and he is determined to find out what she gotten involved into that has so many thugs trailing her.  Esmee is trying to clear her father's debts by recovering a stolen painting, but more bad things seem to be coming at her and now she's having to deal with her old high school crush who is determined to protect her.  Johnny and Esmee are playing a dangerous cat and mouse game through the seedy streets of Denver, but they still find the time to explore an attraction while danger in around ever corner.  The SDF's General Grant is in town too and our Steele Street gang is gathering knowing that big trouble is on the horizon.  How will Johnny and Esmee get through this night without anyone dying, and what is the next special ops mission that General Grant is sure will test all the mental and physical abilities of the SDF's Steele Street gang?
Tara Janzen packs a lot of action in one evening with new characters joining in with our familiar ones from Steele Street to give you a thrilling read with muscle cars, muscle men and a kick-butt heroine.  Emotions will be challenged with the ticking of a clock and this one day is the beginning of a relationship for Johnny and Esmee, while one that is sure to put all the operatives of Steele Street onto their most challenging mission yet.  This story leaves you with jaw-dropping information for the next novel and I will definitely be waiting on it.  It is a great story and a compelling read with action, romance, and a tangled web of intrigue.

Book Blurb for Loose and Easy

He's the bad boy she always wanted.
She's the good girl that got away.
He’d know her anywhere. Johnny Ramos had just come off a tour of duty in Afghanistan to find Esmee Alden trolling the mean streets of Denver in red lace and leather. The smartest girl he ever knew turning tricks? Not even close. Esmee’s in danger so deep, only Johnny can get her out—which is why the elite government operative is shadowing her every move. Esmee had everything planned down to the last detail: dressed in disguise, she’d recover a stolen painting and pay off her dad’s ruthless bookie. Until Johnny Ramos, her high school crush, blows into town and nearly blows her cover. Now Esmee, a P.I. and an art- recovery expert, has a mother lode of bad guys on her trail…including the one bad boy she always wanted: Johnny. But passion will have to wait. Because when bullets start flying, suddenly they’re on the run, playing it fast and loose—and heading straight into the line of fire.…
Tara Janzen lives in Colorado where she is at work on her next novel.

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2008 4.00