Last Spy Standing

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Last Spy Standing

Last Spy Standing is an action-packed adventure that will keep you intrigued from the very first page and does not stop until the last page. What should have been a routine mission for Mitch soon becomes a lot more complicated when undercover agent Megan Cassidy brings into the mix her own mission involving the deadly cartels from the jungles of South America. Mitch and Megan are both strong characters that have to work around their distrust of each other all the while a simmering passion brews between them under a jungle canopy that is full of danger. These two will pull you into their rocky relationship and the action will keep you glued to the pages as the story unfolds into an explosive conclusion. Dana Marton weaves danger, intrigue, and romance into a great story that you are sure to enjoy.

Book Blurb for Last Spy Standing

Black ops specialist Mitch Mendoza had thought this South American rescue mission would be routine. But the jungle held unexpected dangers: deadly snakes, armed drug runners and Megan Cassidy. The undercover CIA agent had legs for miles and a hidden agenda-one that interfered with Mitch's plans. So though he was a lone wolf, he had to keep her close, or risk letting his mission fail. After years of working alone, Mitch found himself distracted by Megan's steely resolve and her soft curves. And he couldn't afford that. Not if he wanted this assignment to be a success.and get both of them out of the jungle alive.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.00