Lakota Love Song

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Lakota Love Song

Betrayed by white men and left for dead, Blue Hawk is prepared to die but regrets not being able to seek his revenge on those that betrayed him. A vision comes to him of a white woman and he believes that through her he will get his revenge against the white men. Kaylee Matthews loves the freedom of the western life she lives now. While playing and hiding from a friend, she comes across an Indian who is severely wounded. Unable to leave him to die, Kaylee hides him and nurses him back to health. Blue Hawk awakens to see the woman from his vision and when recovers, he rides back to his people and takes Kaylee with him. His intent is to trade her back to her people, but a bond grows between them that will forever change both of their lives. Kaylee is torn between returning to her family and staying with Blue Hawk and the Lakota people that she has come to care for. Can they find a way to coexist without loosing each other to the prejudices that will pull them apart?
Madeline Baker has penned a heart-warming romance set during the turbulent times of the late 1800’s where the Native American people struggled to hold onto the land and traditions that they hold sacred. This story will pull you into that time period where life and death, right and wrongs are experienced through the characters within this plot and the emotions they bring out in the reader. Lakota Love Song is a fascinating read with romance and characters that will touch your heart. Enjoy!

Book Blurb for Lakota Love Song

Though she was born in the East, Kaylee Matthews took to the west like a duck to water. She loves the freedom of the wide open spaces, the beauty of the land. While riding with her neighbor, Randy, Kaylee discovers a wounded Indian. Against Randy’s wishes, Kaylee insists on taking the Indian to an empty line shack and nursing him back to health, the way she did with the all the wounded creatures she found.
Wounded and left for dead, Blue Hawk is prepared to die even though it means abandoning all hope of avenging himself on the white men who betrayed him. While waiting for death, he receives a startling vision before losing consciousness. On awaking, he finds himself being tended by the white woman in his vision.
When he’s strong enough to return home, Blue Hawk steals a horse and takes Kaylee with him, intending to trade her back to her family for weapons for his tribe. But somewhere along the way, distrust turns to love and attraction turns to desire, leaving them to wonder if they can heal old hurts and find a way to bridge the differences between them.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2008 3.75