Machinations of the Blood

This novel would have worked a whole lot better if it didn't focus so much on the romance. It was written well, and the imagery was beautiful, but there was way too much romantic emphasis for my liking. I know that it is supposed to have romance in it, but I felt it could have been subdued, and then the rest of the book could have been able to flourish. It is a really creative premise and I was intrigued by the mention of vampires, however I felt that the romance kind of cheapened the rest of the book.

Otherwise, it was a nice read. I liked the steampunk atmosphere and the mixing of magic and the undead. I also liked the action and suspense concerning our heroine Ellinca. Imagery was dark and beautiful, diction was good, vocabulary wasn't simplified, and dialogue didn't seem stiff.

Book Blurb for Machinations of the Blood

An ordinary girl proves herself extraordinary when she becomes savior of an empire and healer of the undead.

With the empire's nastiest mage-finder after her, and an undead prince

determined she can return him to humanity, Ellinca must summon more courage than she's ever known, and lay her life down at the very teetering edge to prevent thousands of innocent deaths.

Content warning: Some bloodthirsty violence, and undead romance.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.00