Angels, Sinners and Madmen

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Angels, Sinners and Madmen

Looking for a book with a smart and feisty heroine? That's what you get in Angels, Sinners and Madmen. The hero Sam is cocky yet honest as well as strong and caring after you get to know him. The banter between Livvie and Sam creates sparks. Friendship moves to more as the story progresses. These two have a wonderful relationship that is tender yet exciting. The chemistry is all there. I enjoyed this story from the start to the finish.

Book Blurb for Angels, Sinners and Madmen

Historical adventure romance set in 1850s Key West, Florida:

Sam Langhorne loves the carefree life of a wrecker in Key West. The island is perfect – for forgetting the woman who broke his heart. When he rescues Livvie Collins from a watery grave, he’s swept away by her beauty. He’s sworn off love, but is soon captivated by Livvie’s wit and her independent spirit.

Olivia Collins never planned to visit Key West, or to fall in love with Sam. Handsome and attentive, he’s constantly surprising her with his intelligence and interest in current literature, but she knows better than to believe she’s anything more than a dalliance. As a novelist, she intends to make her own future.

Deception and treachery await them both in New Orleans. Can Livvie and Sam weather the most dangerous storm of all – love?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 4.25