When the Duke Found Love

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When the Duke Found Love

When the Duke Found Love, is a wonderful story that proves that sometimes your family doesn’t always know what’s best for you. Diana Wylder and George Atheron, the Duke of Sheffield, both find themselves in the same position: being told by their loving families who they should marry. Even though they know their families intentions are good, they both find the choice of their mates are not at all what they would have chosen for themselves, which is each other.

Diana and Sheffield’s romance is at times sweet, funny, and deliciously wicked, while at others is heartbreaking. They are the perfect match for each other and it’s as clear as can be to a reader, but not so to anyone else. Diana suffers as she tries to do as her family has bid, becoming someone she doesn’t like, while Sheffield goes to great lengths to appear to be the doting fiancé to his betrothed while concocting ways to see Diana again. In the end, it comes down to what’s most important. What they feel for each other, or what their families think they need. In the end, I think they both made the right choice.

Diana Wylder, youngest of the Wylder sisters (and the only one without an arranged marriage) finds herself suddenly being forced into an arrangement with the older Lord Crump who is mean to curb her wilder ways. But Diana has a savior, in the form of the Duke of Sheffield, cousin to her sisters’ husbands. Sheffield doesn’t want to see Diana stuck with a husband who will stifle her, but he has his own marriage arrangement to worry about. Determined to make Diana his, Sheffield will stop at nothing to ensure love conquers all.

Book Blurb for When the Duke Found Love

The spirited Wylder sisters continue to scandalize the ton in Isabella Bradford’s witty and winsome trilogy. This time, the most impulsive of the siblings meets her match: a charming rake determined to save her from an arranged marriage.

The youngest of the Wylder girls—and the last left unwed—Lady Diana is also the most willful, a trait that’s leading her ever closer to dishonorable disaster. While her family’s solution is a fast and excruciatingly respectable marriage, Diana can’t imagine being wed to the very staid and dull Lord Crump. But while wedding plans are being made, a chance meeting at a gala turns Diana’s world upside down.

A kiss from a dazzling stranger gives Diana a most intimate introduction to one of the ton’s most resolute and scandalous bachelors, the Duke of Sheffield. Torn between family duty and her heart’s desire, Diana recklessly surrenders to the headiest of passions, recognizing that she has found a kindred soul in the handsome young duke. Soon it’s clear that seduction is no longer the game: Something deep and lasting has come to bind their hearts, and the stakes are nothing less than true love.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2012 4.00