The Trouble with Love

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The Trouble with Love

A Cupcake Lovers Novel

I've been looking forward to this book because there was something about Jayce and Rocky that really stuck with me when the sparks starting flying in FOOL FOR LOVE (book 1 in the Cupcake Lover series). Beth Ciotta didn’t disappoint with their story. The Trouble with Love was a very entertaining read with moments that had me laughing out loud or tearing up a bit. It definitely has me anxious for book 3 to come out.

The sexual tension between Rocky and Jayce jumped off the page and had me wanting more page time between the two of them. But their relationship was marred by the demons from Jayce’s past and Rocky’s misunderstanding of exactly what Jayce meant after their night together thirteen years earlier. Luckily, Jayce was finally ready to go after what he’s wanted all along, regardless of what Rocky says or does. I enjoyed both of them. The verbally sparred with each other, but they always knew they had the support of the other. Despite everything they had been through, it was nice to see how quickly all the bad stuff fell by the wayside and they developed a true partnership.

But it’s not only Rocky and Jayce that entertain readers. The Cupcake Lovers maintain their central role in the on-going storyline through the series and not only keep readers laughing, but also maybe a little envious as the members of the group continue with their community charity work.


Cupcake Lover’s President, Rocky Monroe, finds herself going to New York City with her nemesis as they work on a book deal. Unfortunately, Rocky’s string of bad luck follows her. Good thing her big brother’s best friend and the man she’s always been in love with, but currently hates, Jayce Bello is there to save Rocky. What Rocky didn’t plan on was Jayce coming back to Sugar Creek or for him to announce that he has every intention of making her his. But will both of them have the strength to fight their own demons and make it a go?ecause there was something about Jayce and Rocky that really stuck with me when the sparks starting flying in

Book Blurb for The Trouble with Love

Rocky Monroe’s bad luck is legendary. So it stands to reason that during a quick trip to New York on behalf of the Cupcake Lovers’ forthcoming book, she winds up in the arms of the one man she never wants to see again. So what if he’s also the man she can’t stop dreaming about? Mouth-watering Jayce Bello has always been Rocky’s biggest mistake, and she’s not going to let history repeat itself … unless she gets a new taste of his delicious kisses.

When Jayce Bello left Sugar Creek ten years ago, it was the right thing to do—for him and for Rocky, his best friend’s little sister. But one passionate night with gorgeous, reckless Rocky is enough to prove that she’s the missing ingredient in his happiness. Now, with scandalous secrets souring the sweetness of the Cupcake Lovers’ club, Jayce needs to convince Rocky that their love is something to savor …

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 4.00