The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne

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The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne

Emma Faribourne and Darius, Earl of Southwaite rub each other the wrong way almost immediately (with her stubbornness and his need to control everything). He wants to sell her father's auction house to save the Fairbourne reputation from possible scandal where she wants to save it for her presumed dead brother, Robert. Neither of them is prepared to have their world turned upside down by the other.

Emma is headstrong and determined. She's lost her father and doesn't want to give up hope that her brother isn't really lost at sea. She'll go to any lengths to protect her family, even engage in selling possible stolen or counterfeit goods in hopes of getting answers. Emma fights Darius every step of the way, even as she falls in love with the controlling man.

Darius isn't sure what it is about Emma, but he's drawn to her almost immediately. She argues with him at every opportunity and drives him crazy with her inability to do as he says, but despite all that he can't seem to get her off his mind or to save her from herself when she falls into the middle of a French plan to smuggle spies through Kent.

The characters were enjoyable as they had each other fit to be tied. The intrigue with the French spies will be enough to peak your interest and ensure that hard-headed Emma finds herself in a mess.

This book was enjoyable to the last page.

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Book Blurb for The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne

As reluctant business partners, Florence Fairbourne's defiance and Darius Stainthorpe's demands make it difficult to manage one of London's most eminent auction houses. But their passionate personalities come to terms in an affair that leave them both senseless--until the devastating truth ebhind their partnership comes to ligh, threatening the love they have just begun to share...

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2012 3.50