Not Planning On You

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Not Planning On You

A Danvers Novel

After reading Weekends Required, I was interested in seeing just what kind of story we’d have for the very outspoken Suzy Denton. She was such a force of nature and a character that I really liked. Not Planning on You gives us Suzy’s story and her relationship with Gray Merimon. The story alternated between being fun and sexy, with a bit of emotional drama added in. It was an entertaining read, even if some of the emotional parts of the story seemed a bit exaggerated and unrealistic.

Suzy had her heart broken when her ex cheated on her in Weekends Required. So it made sense that she had trust issues. She built up a wall to protect herself and wasn’t willing to let anyone past that wall, but the attraction she felt for Grayson Merimon (despite how she played it outwardly) kept getting through those walls. When she finally let Gray in, she found he was everything she could have wanted in a man, with the exception of the pesky stalker.

Gray has been in love with Suzy from practically the moment he met her. He’s played it cooly with her, hoping to find the right opportunity to make his move. But when Suzy’s injured during their first date, Gray’s not willing to play it cool anymore and he let’s Suzy know exactly how he feels. The only black mark against Gray was his unwillingness to be forth coming about who Reva was and how he handled that whole situation.


Corporate Event Planner Suzy Denton is still trying to recover after discovering her ex-finance was having an affair with his dentist. So when Grayson Merimon, CEO of Mericom begins pursuing almost as soon as he meets her, Suzy doesn’t fall for his charms. But in a moment of weakness, Suzy agrees to a night of sex with Gray hoping to get him out of her system, but what happens is the exact opposite. Can Suzy learn to trust again with a man who seems to good to be true?

Book Blurb for Not Planning On You

Suzy Denton thought she had it all: a great job as an event planner for Danvers International and a committed relationship to her high school sweetheart....

But now her life has gone to hell in a handbasket. Not only did she discover her fiancé cheating, but a recent corporate merger is making her job very difficult—mostly due to Grayson Merimon, wealthy CEO. Gray is a man who goes after what he wants. And, after their first meeting, he wants Suzy.

Even though he looks like every fantasy she’s ever had, Suzy is wary of the powerful businessman. She likes her newfound independence, even if her best friend thinks it’s an excuse not to risk her heart again. Besides, she doesn’t think Gray could ever be interested in a relationship with someone like her. When he calls her bluff, Suzy agrees to one night together.

But when circumstances continue to throw them together—and with Gray determined to show her that two opposites can be a perfect fit—Suzy realizes that she might just have found the one man who can give her what she’s always needed….

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2013 3.50