Kiwi Kiss

Kiss Series

With limited time together, and an uncertain future, what could Mac and Ruby possibly have to look forward to? In the ravages of WWII nothing is for certain and the last thing Ruby wants to do is fall in love.especially, after catching her fianc‚ with someone else. How can she ever learn to love again?

Mac is easy going and just wants to brighten Ruby's day when he finds her distraught over her fianc‚'s betrayal. Yet, he is deploying soon to fight the Japanese and isn't really looking for love either. But Love has a mind of its own and does not care about war or heartbreak.

Cherie Le Clare weaves an unforgettable story about a solider dealing with tough decisions and a young woman steering clear of love. Ruby is innocent, sweet, and easy to relate to. Mac is out going, kindhearted, and irresistible. So what happens when those two get put together? Kiwi Kiss does not disappoint romance readers!

Book Blurb for Kiwi Kiss

Nineteen-year-old Ruby Miller knows pain and loss. After catching her fiancé in the arms of another, the last thing she wants is to fall in love again, but handsome American sailor Mac Mackenzie is hard to resist.
Mac, too, preparing to leave the South Pacific haven to battle against the Japanese, strives to avoid any emotional entanglement, but since he met Ruby, he's rethinking his decision.
They both know what they want, but when tragedy draws them closer, how long can they hold out against what they both need?

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2011 3.50