How to Worship a Goddess

Forgotten Goddess Series, #2

How to Worship a Goddess is the second novel in Stephanie Julian's Forgotten Goddess series. It follows the story of Lucy the Etruscan Goddess of the Moon. She is beautiful and charismatic and has a huge problem, there's a demon after her. If he succeeds in trapping her, he can be released from the Underworld. It has been Lucy's job to stay one step ahead of him and she had until she met John Stevenson. John doesn't realize who Lucy is, only that she is always at his hockey games and he will do anything to have her. Yes, anything.

Stephanie Julian has a very unique story because of the mythology and the character dynamics. There is no doubt that this series is different from other paranormal romances. The Etruscan mythology is captivating and interesting. The characters are relatable and easy to like. There is an excitement and energy about the story that makes it unique. Anyone who likes paranormal romance will enjoy Stephanie Julian's contribution to the genre.

Review copy recieved via NetGalley

Book Blurb for How to Worship a Goddess

Lucy is the Etruscan goddess of the moon, hunted by a powerful demon. One misstep and he will trap and consume her in his bid to escape the underworld. Lucy has stayed one step ahead of him, but she didn't count on falling for minor league hockey player John Stevenson. John's not one of her worshippers, but he is determined to win over the gorgeous woman who watches him at every game and won't give her up without a fight–even if it means releasing the beast he holds inside.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2011 3.75