Little Kunoichi

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Little Kunoichi

Short Story

Little Kunoichi is a nickname given to Mika. Her boss and the person who raised her gave the nickname to her, but it's never said what the name means. Mika is said to wonder what the name means, but the topic is dropped and the author never mentions the reason. I guess it's just going to be a mystery.

Little Kunoichi is about an assassin and the MOB. At the start she is working alone and that's what the plot leads you to believe. It's not until Chapter 7 that another assassin enters the book. There were innuendoes that there were more, but nothing came of that.

Mika is a very lonely person. She often uses sex as her thrill for attention before killing her targets. I thought the use of sex could of been better in this book. I think more descriptive words and better flowing words could have made the sex scenes more real and not so cold.

Little Kunoichi has a lot of emotions in it, but the author didn't make me feel those emotions. With more description this book would have been better.

The set-up was choppy and hard to follow. Chapter 2 was where the book started to function o.k.

Book Blurb for Little Kunoichi

Mika Takei is not an average assassin; her skill for murder is only surpassed by her skill with more sensual arts. But when she fails to fulfill her latest mission, it costs her dearly. Set in the not too distant future in the city of Naru, a criminal organization known as the MOB fights to gain total control of the city. The only thing standing in the MOB's way is the careful 'manipulations' of the assassins. For the sake of the city's future, Mika must rekindle her own passion before returning the favor to those who set her up.

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2007 2.00