A charming little road trip through India turns into something more when you add in a pouting younger sister, a part-time boyfriend who shows up unexpectedly under a different name, and murder.

Anna is a character you care for immediately; she's capable, funny, and takes most of what life throws her in stride. But when people start dying on her tour she begins to suspect there is more going on than just a run of spectacularly bad luck.

So hop aboard Alice, the specially adapted Mercedes truck, and join the fun!

Book Blurb for Wanderlust

Not many people live their dream, but I've been incredibly lucky. I'm Anna Tietjens, and I work as a tour leader for Wanderlust Adventures.

My current tour is through incredible India. It should be a breeze, except my younger sister is joining in New Delhi. Things are not exactly civil between us — a childhood full of upheaval didn't help — and our parents have insisted she travel with me or not at all. I see fun times ahead. Now my boyfriend has turned up without warning. Don't get me wrong. I really like Sebastian Brady. The sex is good, spectacular even, but meeting a few times a year is enough. I mean, I'm not looking for love or happy ever after.

But worst of all is the bad luck I've been having recently. One of my passengers died in Syria, and now it looks like my co-driver might have to leave the tour. Despite the exotic location, it's not exactly smooth sailing, and I'm starting to think someone is out to halt the tour…

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2008 4.00