Dishonorable Intentions

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Dishonorable Intentions

Regency - Plus Novel

From the start, this book draws the reader in. Beginning with Arabella's madcap scheme to break into Duvall House in the middle of the night to the Earl catching her in the act and coercing Bella into allowing him to become a partner in her search.

Arabella skirts scandal by becoming more than acquaintances with the notorious Earl. Even to the point where she decides he is not the man society believes him to be and believes herself falling in love with him.

But Gabriel learned a hard lesson those seven years ago and has determined he is not going to love again. Despite his feelings for Arabella, he is determined not to fall into that trap and he almost succeeds.

As their trail of clues leads closer and closer to finding out if the Eye of the Storm really exists, other interested parties become involved and soon make it known to all that they are out to win at any and all costs.

This book was a delightful romp from beginning to end and I look forward to reading more from this new author.

Book Blurb for Dishonorable Intentions

When her search for a sapphire known as the Eye of the Storm is dead-ended, Arabella Cole is forced to consider a partnership with one of the ton's most notorious rakes, Gabriel Ashton Duvall, the Earl of Bainbridge. He holds the clue to the last known whereabouts of the Eye, and will share it with her — for a price. Arabella desperately needs the money selling the Eye would bring to pay off her half brother's debts. With her choices being either a partnership with the devil himself or a loveless marriage of convenience, the devil begins to look pretty good.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2008 4.50