Animal Attraction

Not so much friends in high places but a mother who is Senator and wants her son home. This is one woman who is accustomed to having her own way. It doesn’t matter that David wants to continue his Conservation work in far-flung places or that Stephanie had plans ready to go for when she was in charge of the zoo. So how do they get to an ending where everyone is satisfied?

So the hero has a little mystery…all the better to keep this one interesting story. Add to that a smart and sassy heroine who gives her all for what she believes in and you have a great combination. Couple that with a story that goes a long way in keeping the reader engaged and here is a book well worth picking up.

Book Blurb for Animal Attraction

With a string of vandalism plaguing the zoo, zookeeper Stephanie Cavanah has her hands full. In line for a promotion, Stephanie is shocked when the job goes to David Westcott, a sexy, smart Conservation Biologist who has friends in high places.

As the attacks on the zoo grow worse, Stephanie and David are forced to work together. It would help their investigation if he didn't have mysterious black outs.

Struggling to keep his super-natural mind from over powering others, David does his best to keep the staff and the animals safe.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2010 4.25