Requiem of the Silent

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Requiem of the Silent

Requiem of the Silent is an odd story and a particularly odd romance. Anne, a ‘good’ vampire, sets out to explore a haunted house, but is confronted by a cat, who tells her that in coming to the house, she has made a terrible mistake. Just as she is about to challenge the cat, the cat disappears, and the house becomes as it was in its heyday, the day Shawn Dampton brought home his foreign bride, Lynette. Only, as the local villagers suspected, the bride is not as innocent as she seems. Anne experiences both sides of the newly-weds’ union, including Lynette’s strange satisfaction and detachment from what should be her first sexual experience, but isn’t. As Lynette becomes aware of Anne’s presence, she changes from the beautiful young woman she appeared to be eighty years ago to a skeleton bent on freeing herself from the house. The end is surprising, and the cats are pleased with the outcome.

However, as a reader, I was expecting more details. I never did learn exactly how or why Lynette had managed to find Shawn, why he was the one she choose, nor did I learn what she and her master were going to do if they had succeeded in their plan, or even what her master was. Also, it was not clear how Anne helped to destroy Lynette. The cats were similarly obtuse, appearing to make cryptic remarks and utter dire warnings before vanishing again. Then again, that’s what cats do, so perhaps I should instead applaud West for portraying them so well.

Book Blurb for Requiem of the Silent

Halloween, 1918.  An old house by the sea hides a variety of secrets none more terrifying than the event that took place nearly one hundred years before.  Thought to be haunted, no one dares to go inside except for one Anne Sullivan; young vampire eager to understand the world around her.  But what starts out as a simple excursion of academic proportions quickly escalates to something more sinister.  With only a strange group of cats as companions, Anne must determine what’s happened in that aged house before it’s too late.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2008 2.75